Sunday, November 27, 2011

From walking along the sea shore to holding hands promenading about the city, sharing secrets and eating ice cream, you'd think I was talking about one suitor...

I haven't managed to make a decision between my two amours. This past week has been wonderful as the Antipodean Captain has captured my heart and put a smile on my face that I had long forgotten. He has treated me to ice cream, visited me at work, held my hand at various events and barely left my side for more than an evening. Every evening in fact. He does not stay at my bedside nor does he invite me to his. I cannot tell whether it is his age that provokes this innocence or if he just wants friendship, but I pine for him when we are separated and look forward to our meetings more than I'd care to admit, considering his age!

He does not act the same as my brother; the newly named Carpenter cares nothing for women at the moment and loses his tongue when in their company. My sweet, young Captain on the other hand acquires knowing looks from women wherever we go, his height and looks attracting their attention and I cannot help but blush at my pride.
The Stone Mason on the other hand has kept his distance, although we converse in letter form. His work takes him away from me, something that the olive-skinned brunette is aware of and no doubt pleases her. She is still as much of a problem as ever, but my jaunts with the young Captain have proved the perfect distraction.

I have many letters to write and send back to the Shire and the Northern counties. As the weather here gradually gets warmer I remember last winter as I pined for the musician in the freezing cold. Work has taken over my life as I toil daily to perfect my new found skills, but I find that the harder I work the more enjoyment I get out of it. Who'd have thought a Lady of nobility would enjoy hard labour?

Christmas is nigh on approaching and I have yet to purchase gifts, especially for my Father and Brother who join us in the Antipodes in a few weeks! But tomorrow I shall once again been spending the day with the Captain and I cannot help but smile in anticipation. 


D. S.