Mother and Father ~ Is it clichéd or ironic to say that my Mother is my idol and role model despite some of my rash decisions. She is wonderful and I love her and truly appreciate her decision not to force me into an arranged marriage - and I'm so glad she doesn't know about all my antics! The same can be said for my Father, I love him dearly and enjoy spending time with him, but neither of us can deny that Mother runs our tight-knit family. 

My Brother ~ Three years younger than me he can be a bit of a handful, but our interests differ so greatly that we hardly spend any time together. He is moving to the Principality in a few weeks, but it has been lovely spending time with him this summer. He is truly growing up to be a fine gentleman.

Grandfather and Step-Grandmother ~ My Father's father and Step-Mother. Unfortunately my paternal Grandmother died, leaving my Grandfather widowed while still relatively young. There was a great to-do as we found out on her deathbed that she'd had an illegitimate child before she'd got married and had put it up for adoption. Unfortunately my Father's half-sister never met her Mother but she has integrated easily into the family. Grandfather recently remarried and my Step-Grandmother is lovely, if a little too dependent, but they suit each other well and spend their Golden Years travelling the Globe.

Nana and Tata ~ My Mother's parents on the other hand are both alive but have been separated for the best part of thirty years. Tata - who I should really call Nono - spends half a year on the Eastern boarders of the Continent in the Balkans with various Eastern Goddesses, no older than myself, and the other six months in deepest darkest Africa, hunting and exploring. Or so he says. Nana on the other hand lives on the other side of the world in a county that has no name. She wrote to say that it is inhabited by coloured natives who play strange instruments and the country has even stranger flora and fauna.

D. S.