Monday, December 06, 2010

The Rowing Ball.

That isn't meant to be a title but rather a statement, a fact, a memory. It was everything that you'd expect and so much more, but I suppose I had better start from even before the Head Race.

After my unfortunate encounter with him, I was feeling decidedly negative about my romantic endeavours. I'm not asking for Prince Charming to come and whisk me off my feet, or even a prestigious gentleman to adore me, I suppose I would like some attention, male attention, and I thought that I would satisfy this craving by broadening my interests with rowing. Needless to say that that has failed.

I'm not one to give in lightly, but although I while away the hours with the rowers, their focus is on their sport and not me. They are commendable fellows and their dedication is incredible (and certainly pays off as they won their category over the weekend) but that they are becoming friends is only too obvious. I have male friends, no doubt more than my Mother approves of, but it generally denies any chance of romantic intentions...

This sounds terribly tedious, I know, but that is how I felt on the day of the race and the Ball, so my expectations of the entire evening were incredibly low.

Little did I know that I would find the most captivating suitor... He may not have been a part of the Boat Club, and he needs little to no introduction, but that he was there as the perfect antidote to my misery seems almost too much like fate.

The Foreign Minister appeared three spaces to my left at the table in the Grand Hall. I was terribly surprised to see him there; it has been months since I last saw him, and indeed I was shocked that he and his wife would be in tow. Fortunately I was saved that degradation as the Minister was the guest of one of the rower's wives, not a connection to him.

(Does it not seem worrying that a single, accidental meeting can affect my outlook on life?)

I danced the night away with the Foreign Minister and together we happily drank through the memories that we had of each other. I was careful to steer clear of a certain topic but there was no need as we had so much to catch up on. He had the most delightful news about Harlequin who is over on the Continent and thoroughly enjoying himself at court. There was talk of visiting him over the next coming weeks but I don't know if I can bear to be away from the Shire over the Christmas festivities!

As much of a delight as it was to converse with the Foreign Minister, the attention the rowers bestowed upon me was delightful. How shallow I sound for I know that it means little to nothing, nevertheless, that I could happily entertain an easy dozen gentlemen at the Ball is how I love to live my life.

I supposed I must have caused quite a stir amongst wives and fiancés, but they had nothing to worry about. It is purely the attention I craved that evening... My body's longings were still rather too uneasy after the brief connection with him to want any gratification.

So long for now. I hope to administer a great deal more scandal than my satisfaction next time... Actually before I leave, there was a rather unsightly incident involving one of my rowers and a scuffle with a rival woman. It seems that I am not alone in my need for attention!