Thursday, October 28, 2010

Back in my darling Shire. Forgive me for not explaining sooner that I was to return for a short hiatus in the home county, but the last week or so has been rather hectic what with a new found... No not love this time, but a new found hobby! 

Watching rowing, or rather sculling, is the most delightful past-time and gives me the opportunity to meet so many esteemed gentlemen. No one was more surprised than I to find that I had an interest in sport! And not just the delectable view that comes with it, but it is so competitive and I do love to bet on the races, I think they are called Heads or Regattas, and it is a great honour to be a patron to more than just the Arts.

But before I continue with that vein of thought I should probably expand on the situation with the Earls. 

I was reprimanded by the cowardly Earl of Steel City's gracious wife for my behaviour. Rightly so I might add, but it was nonetheless rather embarrassing! I know I've said this before but I am going to stay away from married men, or at least not get involved unless it is the matter of my heart. All is fair in love and war, or so it is said. 

Apparently she knew about this 'proposition' herself; she had hinted to her husband that Steel City needed some Southern influences from my parents and she had heard about my reputation (gasp) and wanted to use her husband to win me round. Little did she realise that eventually I'd win him round with my ever-so-subtle charms and he eventually failed to mention more than the word 'proposition'.

I almost feel sorry for her. She knows that she has married a fool but he has wealth and secured her future and her property in Steel City. Why is it that this great Lady (for I cannot deny what she is) is hindered so by a bumbling husband? 

My other Earl, Scottish to the very core, is still down South. In the same county as I am. And is pestering me for... A relationship is too strong a word at the moment but definitely relations of sorts. And hopefully I will be able to collect my ring with this visit. Apparently his sister noticed it the other day so he has resorted to keeping it on his person. Or so he says. But after the disastrous understanding of the Head Architect's intentions I daren't expect anything!

I am home for now and am disappointed to be missing out on the lovely University boys rowing this week, but I fear that if I watch them too often I may become something of a spectacle myself! I would promise to try and behave, but I don't like telling falsehoods!

D. S.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

It seems that with a lack of men in my life, (I will let you know more about the Earl of Steel City in a minute) I spend a lot of time with the Court Jester. The poor thing is doing his best to keep me entertained, but I long for passion, secrecy, and dare I say lust, which I do not get from consorting with the Jester. Though we do love to natter about our peers and he keeps me informed with the most scandalous gossip and I do love to hear his theories on everyone...

It is unfortunate, this matter with the Earl. He has disappeared back to Steel City in order to escape his wife who has responded to the rumours that are flying around the counties about the two of us and is returning to my Northern abode to confront me. I hear that she will appear in the next day or so and I'm not sure as to how I should react or how indeed I should feel. It was only out of boredom, something to amuse me and I never even heard about his proposition (though I do feel that if I'd pressed he would have mentioned the words 'annulment' which was not something I would have ever considered).

No one can prove anything. I burnt the note from the Masquerade Ball, and other than the Court Jester who is sworn to secrecy, the Earl, the coward, is safe. I cannot believe that he fled with no more than a glance goodbye. Though I should be used to this sort of neglect, some could say I even bring it on myself as I refuse to conform and find myself a husband.

Thankfully it seems that Mother has registered this and has stopped hassling me with suitors, and it could also be to do with the Scottish Earl's pledge to visit before Christmas. Now that is exactly what I need.

 D. S.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another weekend, another scandal? Thankfully not quite. 

I had the pleasure of the company of a few of my Southern darlings the last few days. The most fabulous and fashionably dandies and, not quite ladies, but the most entertaining of guests! We dined and danced, and it was a delight to introduce my Southern companions to my adopted Northern family.

It seems that the Court Jester took a shine to one of my Southern Belle's, quoting poetry and lines from plays that described her Beauty. He seemed to enjoy creating his own rendition of Lord Byron's 'She Walked in Beauty Like the Night'.

I haven't heard from my Scottish Earl in a while, I would like a distraction from the Earl of Steel City because he has been pandering to my every whim, seeing that his wife has faded into the background, or rather returned to her own home (it is clear that she rides her workers hard whereas the Earl has a softer disposition). I have yet to hear this proposition as it seems every time he plucks up the courage to ask it becomes too much for him and he fails to ask me anything. It is tiring hearing these words of passion when I feel nothing but tenderness for him. How ever does the Court Jester cope when everyone laughs at his proclamations of love? No one could ever take him seriously.

D. S. 

Monday, October 04, 2010

Of course it wouldn't take long for a scandal to emerge once the notion of work disappeared into the distance and socialising has taken the opportunity to return to vogue.

This weekend was a conglomeration of introductions and re-acquaintances at a Masquerade Ball. Almost ironic as I now remember people in relation to their mask rather than their title or rank, though there were a few people that managed to stand out. 

We were graced with the presence of the Earl and Countess of Steel City, whose disguise kept their anonymity for the beginning of the evening, but there is no doubting the impressive chain of gossip within our party and it was not long until we realised who they were. Being a Duchess from a foreign county I did not feel that it was my place to welcome them once we realised who they were but unfortunately what with our social conventions it became my responsibility to entertain and house them, as well as reveal who they were with the utmost respect. 

However, I was saved this ordeal as towards the end of the meal the two of them appeared at the end of the High Table with gifts and regaled stories of the expansion of Steel City. I was ever so flattered and there was a wee tinkle in the Earl's eye that made me think I could somehow end up in trouble again.

It's just as well that I have quite good perception because it didn't take long for the Earl to ask for a dance and as we swept along the floor he passed me a note, which read:

'Please meet me later. I have a proposition for you.
Your Earl of Steel City'

Of course I met up with him. I never thought that it would mean that I succumbed to his wily ways. I didn't give in to more than a kiss but now I feel that I could no longer be welcome in the Steel City. 

D. S.