Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It seems I need to explain my departure from the North for there have been a fair many questions regarding the matter.

The Shire is my home and to it I will always return. The North has been my temporary haven while I study and become a (more) graceful and elegant lady of the realm. It was never my intention to stay in the North for as long as I have, and yes if given a choice I would continue to oscillate between the two, but the choice is not mine to make. 

There is no need to fret, however, for I have many a reunion planned and it will take more than the whims of my parents to keep me from the dear friends I have made here in the North. 

But even more exciting are my plans to travel. 

I have my trip to the Continent next week (someone remind me to organise packing) but I want to voyage further afield, hopefully setting foot on uncultivated land where the uncivilised roam! The entire journey will take much preparation, not to mention the coaxing of companions and the persuasion of the parents, but I am determined to see the world before responsibilities start to take their toll!

The Duchess of Tuthershire's talks of her own imminent travels have whet my tongue for unknown tastes and experiences and I do hope to reconvene our friendship at a later date and a more exotic location. We had such a wonderful evening the other night, and realised how much we had missed each other over the years; she is like the sister I never had. I pray for some unforgettable memories while we travel the world together, however briefly.

I do not want to reminisce any more than I have to for it is all we are currently doing. It is far too apparent that the end of an era is nigh so we have regressed to talk about our first days together and those are so special to me that I don't want to write them down.

June is my buffer month before my life completely changes and I return to live in the Shire. I have my trip to the Continent and ceaseless parties to attend... Further into the future I cannot see, and yet it seems I have once again returned to the same question. What next? 

D. S.