Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Duchess of Tuthershire and I have acquired a penchant for drinking red wine until the early hours of the morn. It is quite unruly of us but her station as a married woman gives her more independence than I had imagined...

I have had one of the busiest weeks in memory, not since my life was scheduled beyond belief in my younger years have there been so many things to do and people to see!

My dear Duchess introduced me to some ladies of craft; a jeweller and a designer whose exquisite wares are tantalising. I long to purchase a few items for my own but have already far exceeded May's budget... I'm hoping upon my return from the Continent to have redeemed this situation and to spend as frivolously as I know how!

I ended up devoting my time to their fashions, being guided through the rigmarole behind the fabrics by their darling assistant. I do have to admit that I felt quite ignorant by comparison, they both had an exemplary combination of creativity and management - it was rather daunting to be in the presence of that much skill and talent!

The highlight of the week, though, would have to be the races and the fashion show that I attended yesterday. Everyone knows how I love to be the centre of attention, but aiding the fashion show kept my mind occupied from peripheral thoughts as I concentrated on the task at hand. The entire night was a roaring success and I can't thank the Duchess enough for introducing me to those two wonderful ladies. It proved the perfect distraction from my ever looming departure and the goodbyes that I'm going to have to say to my dear friends.

I've tried to spend as much time as possible with the musician, Brewer, Gameskeeper and Belle as is possible - we did have a brilliant night together only two moons before, but I get this unpleasant feeling at the back of my throat that our days together are numbered. I note the pessimism in my tone and blame the lack of sleep, but it is getting most difficult to put such thoughts from my mind. 

What is it that the future holds for us? I'd give anything to know...

D. S.