Monday, February 14, 2011

Two days between posts! I'm rather impressing myself, though it might be more to do with the fact that I have very little to do... And it is Valentine's Day!

However I have devised a plan to leave little anonymous love notes around the Manor for whomever to find, just so they know that somone, somewhere, loves them. It isn't much but I do hope it brightens up at least one person's day!

For some reason I have a silly little smile on my face even though, once again, I have scuppered any of my own chances with love for today. 

I met with the coxswain and her Mother over the weekend... It was interesting to say the least! I completely understand the dilemma that she is in; her parents adore her but are very aware of their 'nouveau riche non-background' (I believe these are terms I am making up) and want to establish less tenuous bonds than those created solely on their finances. And of course marriage is the answer.

The afternoon tea went remarkably well, I managed to embellish various stories and the like and have built up quite a rapport with the coxswain's Mother. I also hinted that my younger (but not particularly young) brother would no doubt be coming to visit at some point and I would be sure to invite her and her family to the event. The coxswain's eyes betrayed a hint of surprise and worry, but I have devised a plan that should give the coxswain and Number 5 more time together.

Of course her Mother took up the significance of my brother's mention and will no doubt be reminding the darling coxswain of their situation in society and that it would be advantageous for her to remain close friends with myself. Indeed we should spend most days together!

The coxswain now has the perfect alibi for her rendezvous with Number 5 and indeed can join me in luxurious gowns as I walk the river watching the various gentlemen that row before us. A much more feminine and simple ploy than her disguise, though of course I would not want to jeopardise the excitement that that must bring to their relationship!

I know I haven't mentioned the musician or the Duke as often as usual in the last few posts because I am still reeling from my decision to stay. I know that puts a negative connotation on it and I do not regret my decision, but I am enjoying my dabbling in other people's relationships rather than concentrating on my own.

This weekend was lovely as I whiled away the hours in a public house (disguised of course, it seems that coxswain and I have more in common than I first realised), with the musician and his close friend the Gameskeeper, and indeed there were many men with whom I was introduced to. But regardless as to how I feel about one of them in particular, I am far too content to pursue anything... At this moment in time anyway!

D. S.