Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It seems I need to explain my departure from the North for there have been a fair many questions regarding the matter.

The Shire is my home and to it I will always return. The North has been my temporary haven while I study and become a (more) graceful and elegant lady of the realm. It was never my intention to stay in the North for as long as I have, and yes if given a choice I would continue to oscillate between the two, but the choice is not mine to make. 

There is no need to fret, however, for I have many a reunion planned and it will take more than the whims of my parents to keep me from the dear friends I have made here in the North. 

But even more exciting are my plans to travel. 

I have my trip to the Continent next week (someone remind me to organise packing) but I want to voyage further afield, hopefully setting foot on uncultivated land where the uncivilised roam! The entire journey will take much preparation, not to mention the coaxing of companions and the persuasion of the parents, but I am determined to see the world before responsibilities start to take their toll!

The Duchess of Tuthershire's talks of her own imminent travels have whet my tongue for unknown tastes and experiences and I do hope to reconvene our friendship at a later date and a more exotic location. We had such a wonderful evening the other night, and realised how much we had missed each other over the years; she is like the sister I never had. I pray for some unforgettable memories while we travel the world together, however briefly.

I do not want to reminisce any more than I have to for it is all we are currently doing. It is far too apparent that the end of an era is nigh so we have regressed to talk about our first days together and those are so special to me that I don't want to write them down.

June is my buffer month before my life completely changes and I return to live in the Shire. I have my trip to the Continent and ceaseless parties to attend... Further into the future I cannot see, and yet it seems I have once again returned to the same question. What next? 

D. S.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Duchess of Tuthershire and I have acquired a penchant for drinking red wine until the early hours of the morn. It is quite unruly of us but her station as a married woman gives her more independence than I had imagined...

I have had one of the busiest weeks in memory, not since my life was scheduled beyond belief in my younger years have there been so many things to do and people to see!

My dear Duchess introduced me to some ladies of craft; a jeweller and a designer whose exquisite wares are tantalising. I long to purchase a few items for my own but have already far exceeded May's budget... I'm hoping upon my return from the Continent to have redeemed this situation and to spend as frivolously as I know how!

I ended up devoting my time to their fashions, being guided through the rigmarole behind the fabrics by their darling assistant. I do have to admit that I felt quite ignorant by comparison, they both had an exemplary combination of creativity and management - it was rather daunting to be in the presence of that much skill and talent!

The highlight of the week, though, would have to be the races and the fashion show that I attended yesterday. Everyone knows how I love to be the centre of attention, but aiding the fashion show kept my mind occupied from peripheral thoughts as I concentrated on the task at hand. The entire night was a roaring success and I can't thank the Duchess enough for introducing me to those two wonderful ladies. It proved the perfect distraction from my ever looming departure and the goodbyes that I'm going to have to say to my dear friends.

I've tried to spend as much time as possible with the musician, Brewer, Gameskeeper and Belle as is possible - we did have a brilliant night together only two moons before, but I get this unpleasant feeling at the back of my throat that our days together are numbered. I note the pessimism in my tone and blame the lack of sleep, but it is getting most difficult to put such thoughts from my mind. 

What is it that the future holds for us? I'd give anything to know...

D. S.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wondrous days, it seems that Spring has at long last returned!

I only start to talk about the weather for I have begun rummaging through my belongings, trying to decide what is suitable for my trip to the Continent. The Duke talks about the heat and humidity becoming unbearable, but I long for sunshine. Today however, my dear England has granted the pleasure of the sun's rays upon my face.

The weekend was awash with rain, but that did not halt my desire for lavish amusements. I felt the need to throw a small party and was delighted to have the presence of one who equals my title. The Duchess of Tuthershire enraptured her willing audience from the moment her bejewelled clad foot stepped into the hall. It was an entrance to invoke envy, only to quell at the sight of her smile, a sight that has been upon everybody's lips ever since.

I look forward to future reunions as we have not laid eyes on each other since we were but babes in arms. A familial dispute arose about a decade passed and since then our friendship has been forgotten - or so I thought! But it seems that with her recent marriage, the Duchess of Tuthershire has gained freedom, and has used her influential marriage to regain the trust of my parents, at no cost of her own!

We spent many an hour catching up on the last few years but still that wasn't long enough. Days worth of entertainment and frivolity have been organised in the hope that we can close the rift that was forced between us, and so far the venture has been a success. She is a far wiser woman than I will ever be, though she claims it is her marriage that has helped her fully mature.

This of course gets me thinking about marriage, about the future, about my impending departure from the North and my thoughts spiral beyond my control and it takes all that I can muster to pull myself out of bed! I fear I'm being a little melodramatic, but the thought of leaving the Court Jester, the Brewer, Gameskeeper, musician, Belle, the coxswain... Well... It doesn't bear thinking about. 

D. S.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm not sure if you know this but Luthien has revealed herself to me.

Not until the rumours of Friday's Ball reached my ears had I even considered her as a candidate, but now as I read through the previous poems and piece together the clues does it make sense. She is a treat, a delight and I love her courage at laying her art out for all to see. I do hope that she continues with her façade, I have come to appreciate the poetry that I know I could never write (at least not without the Ambassador's help) and it is comforting to have a kinship with someone who has similar literary tendencies.

Speaking of literary tendencies, these last few days I have been more focussed on my writing, although not of the fictional variety. That will have to wait until I venture to the Continent. But I do love writing, reporting almost, on the occurrences up here in the North and it makes me wonder about the future...

The dear coxswain managed to fill me in on another rumour from the Ball that I hadn't heard about; apparently Harlequin failed to return home that night and was spotted as dawn broke, in his evening clothes leaving an unknown home! I haven't yet confronted him for a part of me hopes that this will lead to a ravishing romance, but I know my curiosity will get the better of me and I'll find out eventually.

I haven't seen the Brewer, Gameskeeper or musician half as much as I'd have liked to, indeed I feel quite shut off from them as the Brewer and musician work far too hard and the Gameskeeper's attention, quite rightly, revolves around Belle. 

Good Lord I sound jealous!

Maybe I am... Maybe I'm finally growing up and wanting to take life a little more seriously and have someone share that with me.


D. S.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

It has been one hell of a week.

The majority of the week was spent in either the company of the Brewer and Gameskeeper, or Belle, or of course the Court Jester. They each play such special roles in my life that the thought of moving away from the North for good, creates a lump in my throat and a tear that is quickly wiped away.

I must confess to the biggest downfall of the week, or even the year, for I cannot remember the last time that I succeeded in disappointing so candidly. 

I failed to attend the Ball of the Year.

Through sickness and in health do events and I go hand in hand, yet for no apparent reason I gave Friday's Ball a miss. There have been many rumours circling since then and it grates upon my ears to hear of the excess and fornication that I was not a part of. Though I know I have no one to blame but myself.

A snippet of gossip that made me smile however, was the Captain's illicit conduct with some powerful Lady. Apparently there was nothing discreet about their public display of affection, but he is rather dashing and it is unsurprising really. I hope that doesn't make me sound jealous for I'm sure I do find it just as entertaining as the next person!

Though it does make me question what happened to the young aspirational French gentleman... The one focussed on designing a lattice-styled building. The Captain and him seemed very close and sometimes I do wonder...

Never mind actually, I shall get myself into trouble with thoughts like that!

Another slightly closer-to-home rumour involved the ever allusive Luthien. I was shocked by her despising mention for my lack of attendance and am a little worried that I've lost my chance to find out who she really is. I know she has confided in the Court Jester but I value his integrity enough to know that he will not give her away, not unless she wants him to. I can only but apologise and hope that I have not offended to a degree that forgiveness will be denied. But once again, I have no one to blame but myself.

D. S.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

It is delightful to be back up North. Less than a week has passed and already many occasions have been celebrated, what with birthdays and sunshine taking priority.

I had a small soirée for the anniversary of my birth amongst my nearest and dearest friends in the North. It was wonderful with many cakes and drinks and music, I couldn't have asked for any more, though I was feeling slightly worse for wear the morning afterwards! Thankfully Belle was on hand to put a smile back on my face and we had a very relaxing day walking along the Docks in the refreshing Spring air.

Last night, however, took all sorts of unexpected turns. 

After a rather quiet day I began the evening in the company of Belle and her Gameskeeper and the musician. It is the second time I have seen him this week, but without the slightly more rowdy Brewer the four of us managed to have quite a sedate rendezvous. I must mention that my heart no longer flutters at the sound of the musician's voice, nor do I suffer burning desire at his touch, which quite frankly, is a relief.

The evening however soon digressed once I'd left them - yes I managed to keep in control and did not need to drag myself away from the musician - and joined both the Court Jester and Harlequin for a night of debauchery!

It was very late before we even managed to arrive at the party but considering we didn't leave there until after the sun had already come up, I believe we were entertained for a satisfactory number of hours.

I did find it quite surprising as to how many people were there that I did not know and although it was exhilarating to see some new faces amongst the more familiar ones, I don't have quite the same zest for conversation that I once had. The Court Jester surmised that it might be because of my impending departure from the North, and I fear he might be right!

A conversation I thoroughly enjoyed having was with the Lord whose bed I woke up in at the Manor party in March. It was the first time we had seen each other since the... sordid, no that's the wrong word... illicit encounter with him and the Lady. Neither of us showed any hint of embarrassment for which I am relieved and touched; his is a face, and body, that will be missed!

An intriguing development has arisen in regard to the elusive Luthien who has returned with yet more clues. I fear that I would make a terrible detective because I am no closer to guessing who she is, though I am pleased by her return and feel I may miss the game once she has revealed herself to me.

Until then I will bask in the sunlight that has been bestowed upon us and revel in the company of all those that I count as dear friends.

D. S.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

How time does fly!

I have already returned to the North, and it has only just occurred to me that I have two months left here, only two! It is going to take a lot of effort on my part, not to reminisce every time I begin to write. For three years I have made the journey to the Northern counties and although it is my home and I adore the countryside, I can't really imagine living in the Shire indefinitely!

I suppose I will have to start planning my future at some point.

Speaking of planning... Well, my early birthday celebrations over the weekend were incredible! The days were spent singing and dancing in the glorious sunshine while the nights consisted of games and champagne. What more could one ask for?

My Ladies and I even tried our hand at baking while the Lords tried their best to teach us how to gamble. I don't think Lady Luck was smiling on me though! 

Actually, maybe she was, for there is no longer any concern necessary for the vain Peacock of a gentleman. Not only have I left the Shire and left him to his own shallow devices, but I was terribly affronted by his assumption that his attentions would serve him favourably!

He is charming, he is handsome, he is insufferable. 

Three days was all it took for the act to become boring. Though I'm not sure there is any more to his façade, which makes me wonder if this attempt at Don Juan may not be an act?

It is no matter, for I don't have to think about him any longer.

Someone else who also falls into that category is the Scottish Earl. I surprised myself with my restraint for I never saw him while I was at home in the Shire. He made many attempts and I made many more excuses. He's a sweetheart and I do not wish him ill, but I was just not in the mood for an unfeeling rendezvous, at least on my account.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the Brewer, Gameskeeper, coxswain and Belle. Oh and the musician, I can't deny that either. The Brewer it seems, has been working terribly hard on a new ale which débuts today and I can't wait for the celebrations! 

The only other noteworthy incident was a rumour that I heard from one of my Ladies; apparently a certain Ambassador, one of whom I have never met, has been making enquiries about me... Not sure what to make of this, but no doubt he will make his interest, or even presence known at some point.


D. S.