Monday, April 22, 2013

I guess nothing says more about a relationship than your first argument...

Can you remember what your first argument with your lover was about? Or even the last argument?

It's getting through the heated discussions that counts ~ the anger and resentment will either simmer down or boil over and either way it will be forgotten in the years to come. For I do plan on being in the blonde Esquire's life for years to come, and this first argument will be the first of many, and with every argument will come the apologies, and with every apology will come the promises and then the furore of sweet love making.

This particular argument started because of a hangover. Apparently I need to make better choices and decisions (who knew?) and start being more sensible... In fact, some could say that I need to 'grow up'. And yes, that would be a direct quote from the blonde Esquire's most kissable lips.

What makes the whole confrontation so much worse, is that he is right. I do need some direction and guidance, I need to take responsibility for my actions and deal with the consequences, and I need to learn to say 'no'.

But the more I get told everything that I already know... Well, the belligerent child in me wants to throw her toys out the cot, cross my arms and blow a raspberry.

I couldn't plan what my future holds even if I wanted to, because there are too many variables. I thought I'd have followed my heart back to the Antipodes by now to be with the Captain, or at least continued with my teaching and become a governess.

My life is ruled by inconsistencies  and all I have to hold on to right now is that the blonde Esquire may love me, but that is not going to stop him leaving me. I am slowly coming to terms with this, but even I do not know how I shall react when he finally leaves and I have nought other than myself to contend with - that and the temptations around. There is no other that I want, and I shall strive to be pure; distance is not an excuse, nor time an invitation, but I am only human.

D. S.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I've been home for nearly two weeks from the blissful reverie that was Rome and I believe  I am still most rested and content. For the first time in months I feel I can handle what the future holds, even though there is still a lot of uncertainty as to what direction that may be.

All I know is that I have to cope with the heartache of having the blonde Esquire leave me for the army, to be a soldier, to go wherever he is told. To think that this whole relationship started as a farce, as a joke, and now I wait for the moment that he leaves me, as I left the Captain, with the promise of return... To never forsake what it is we have.

I loved the Captain with an innocent, naive charm; he was a comfort, a tease and so unobtainable I could barely think straight when I saw him. The blonde Esquire is altogether a completely different love. It was unexpected and has been built on a friendship based on trust, despite the tryst he proclaimed to me all those months ago

The love I feel for the blonde Esquire is something I completely marvel at because I have no idea where it came from as it was not the desired result. We were to end, that was our purpose. Yet now I can think of nothing more terrifying than to have the blonde Esquire leave me, which is exactly what is to happen.

I do not have a choice in the matter. My choice lies with what to do while the blonde Esquire becomes the hero that I know he can be.

Shall I stay with him, learn to cope with the distance and wait for his fleeting return?

Could I really bring myself to leave him when all he is doing is pursuing a soldier's life, making the world a better place?

D. S.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


What words are there to describe the city that is the catalyst for western civilisation?  I was completely blown away by the size, the gargantuan architecture and the incomparable history that Rome has to offer.

The Colosseo, the fontane de trevi,  the Vatican... I was stunned into silence at the magnificence of it all. How can one city hold so much history? I adore that love and passion rule all there is to Rome - mothers, fathers, brother and lovers killing and dying for their right to sovereignty. There is so much to learn from all Rome - despite, or rather in spite of its own trials and tribulations, and a chequered past that can rival no other, Rome has survived its own evils and lives on.

The blonde Esquire and I roamed the streets, discovering tiny back alleys that gave way to churches and halls, columns and fountains, arches and domes. Each of which had its own personal and detailed history, whether by its raison d'etre or because of its creator- Leonardo Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Gian Lorenzo Bernini. 

Falling in love is what walking through Rome feels like; every step and your breath gets snatched away as you fall deeper and deeper into the abyss that is completely beyond your control. I fell head over heels in love with Rome, and the blonde Esquire? He was there, every step of the way, holding my hand, staring into my eyes, wrapping his arms around me as I failed to utter complete sentences, awe struck by Rome.

Darlings if you ever get the chance, go to Rome, fall in love with Rome. It may be my favourite place on the whole Continent, and the fact I got to share every moment with the blonde Esquire only makes me love it so much more.

D. S.