Saturday, February 12, 2011

This is only going to be a short post as I need to go and get ready before tonight but I can't leave without filling you in about the coxswain.

I received a note from the coxswain asking if we could have a rendezvous but it wasn't from the 'coxswain' it was from her, with her real name, which I promised not to divulge. Nevertheless with my curiosity piqued I couldn't refuse and agreed to meet with her. It seems that we have graced each other's presence on more than one occasion. She is from a wealthy family but one with not much ancestry, nouveau riche I believe is the term bandied about. Because of their situation she is being coerced by her family to marry into a prestigious name, but lo and behold she has fallen in love with a simple gentleman, whom her family do not approve of.

It sounds like a classic case of parents versus their children, but I was touched by her honesty and how upfront she was with me. She was banned from spending time with him, so disguising herself as a coxswain was the only feasible course of action. She knows that it isn't going to be able to go on like this forever, but for now they are happy and she is refusing to meet anyone her parents have defined as 'suitable'.

I wish there was something I could do. She seems so small and vulnerable and only wants to be with this gentleman, I do hope that she can resolve her issues with her parents. I have decided to aid her as much as possible and am going to hold an afternoon tea for her and her Mother in order for her to be given a little more leniency. If it is ancestry and family name in accordance with wealth that gets the coxswain's parents going, who is grander than myself and my lineage?

Off to go see the musician and his delightful friends. Apparently there is a Gameskeeper that I simply must meet. Oh what to wear to a tavern?


D. S.