Wednesday, May 07, 2014

This shall only be a short post of thanks for all my wonderfully kind birthday wishes. I shared the rather sedate day with none other than Jeeves ~ the price of choosing to live so far away from all friends and family, but I look forward to rectifying that post haste.

I am in the midst of all my packing for my jaunt across the border to Polska but I do hope the rains will have ceased by then. I cannot abide trying to enjoy myself at a festival if the heavens insist to deluge tons of water over us. 

Not only do I have this trip to look forward to, but I get to hold the Duke of Albany in my arms the following week after my quick trip across the Continent. I do hope he has some good news regarding the purchase of a property in the Northern counties... It would be nice to have some structure and have some decisions ticked off the list before our time in the Convent begins. 

I must bid you all adieu as I decide on my various outfits for this journey and once again a multitude of gratitude and appreciation for the birthday well wishes. 

D. S.

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