Friday, May 30, 2014

How to find the words to say when this week has had a traumatic effect on my perspective of the world? I have heard vile opinions and had my own beliefs questioned, I have heard tales of the brutality of mankind on his lover, his sister, his mother... I have always enjoyed rattling the cage of convention, because how does our world progress without seeking new ideas, but this week has horrified and destroyed what little hope I had left. 

Because I have very little time left in Bohemia I wanted to revel in a week of quiet contemplation; reading up on the world's news and hearing scandalous tales from the shores of my home country. I am no saint, and nor have I nor will I, ever claim to be, but I believe in the good of humanity, the compassion we should show our fellow man and I understand that it isn't always easy to be so selfless. 

The colour of your skin should not effect your future. Your religion should not spark a war. Who you fall in love with should never be made illegal. Where you want to live and make the best of the life you have been given should not be dictated to you by someone who has never met you. And being a woman should not mean that you are a second-class citizen.

I do not want to write down the horrors that world has been subjected to this past week because I do not want to give it a platform and have the evil spread any more than it already has. I want to talk about love and compassion and the good of humankind when I see little children helping a dog in the street. The wonder of seeing a child understand a new lesson for the first time. The brilliance of a sunrise illuminating those who have already gone to work for the day. The world is a place full wonder and awe, how can we divide it up and close our doors to those who only want what's best for their families?

Travelling is the best way to understand that there is more to life than receiving your next month's wage. How is that a way to live when there are beaches to walk upon, mountains to climb, and fields to fall asleep in? I have never been interested in politics, finding it antiquated and rather egotistical - who are you to tell me how to run my life? But for the first time I want my voice to be heard, because I am terrified of what will happen should the ill-educated mob shout a little louder...


D. S.


  1. Lovely post Duchess. And I appreciate your class not giving the infamous anymore fame they don't deserve.


  2. Excellent post. In America, the biggest problem in regards to this issue is too many staying silent. Awareness and education are key.

  3. Thank you both for your comments. It's wonderful to hear from my neighbours across the pond. Let's hope something changes soon...
    As always, your one and only
    Duchess of the Shire