Monday, March 28, 2011

I suppose I better start with an apology. The post that was published here yesterday morning was written, by yours truly, while inebriated and in a room of people more delirious from alcohol than one could think possible.

As you can see it has been removed and I shall definitely not be flaunting my non-existent writing skills when intoxicated again!

The weekend... Well it started better than it ended as Belle and I went shopping for the Gameskeeper's birthday (tomorrow if you're at all interested) and then walked down to a glorious park to watch the men play this new-fangled sport called rugby. It is rather violent and aggressive, but the Gameskeeper and musician seemed to get much enjoyment out of it and I must admit I got quite a thrill from all those men!

I felt a bit guilty for not going to watch the rowing, for there was the last Head Race of the season, but I was not going to miss a chance to see the musician run round in a muddy field!

I soon left the Gameskeeper, musician, Brewer and Belle to their own devices and proceeded to adorn myself for the Manor party that was being held in honour of the rowing, the start of Spring and a birthday. 

It has definitely been a while since I have attended a party of that size and stature and it didn't take long until I was more than a bit merry! The Captain was there and it was lovely to see him, though nothing more has happened in regard of our sexual tendencies... (for which I'm slightly disappointed). Yet it seems he has caught the admiration of a young rower, a French boy who keeps talking about an iron lattice-type building he has designed and how he wants to have it built in Paris. I love people with aspirations!

The entire night was decidedly raucous and many an opiate was consumed. The highlight for me was waking up the following afternoon in bed with a Lady and a Lord. I do wish I could hide the love-bites on my neck for I fear what the musician shall say if he sees me in this state. I have Irish Cream in my hair and scratches on my back! I received many a confused glance from the staff as I came home last night and the Court Jester made many a lurid comment, something that I know I deserved.

I plan on pampering myself for the rest of the day before getting ready for the Gameskeeper's birthday tomorrow night. We are all dressing up, or rather down, as we fraternise with the commoners. I know it will be a delightful night, I'm just hoping the marks on my body will have faded by then...

I'm sure you have all read the poem to Luthien by now and are just as intrigued as I am by who this character is. I have had no reply as of yet, but I feel that she is in control so I shall just wait patiently, making the most out of every day until I know.

I best be off, my hair needs attending to as it is quite hard and sticky. Not the best way to greet one's servants but it cannot be helped.

D. S.