Monday, March 14, 2011

Objectivity? Good Lord I was being optimistic! 

Talking to Lady Lina and other various friends (none of whom know the musician) it seems that the only conclusion we could feasibly come to is that I have lost all perspective!

I think I already knew that but didn't want to admit it to myself let alone anyone else...

As per usual the weekend was a blur; parties, ball gowns and champagne, all of which are now a distant memory.

There was the Grand Opening of an Exhibition on Friday night, which of course, I had to attend. It was not until that morning I found out the musician would be performing and before I could decide whether or not I wanted to go the night was upon me!

With hindsight I should not have worried. Exhibitions are natural to me and I love the opportunity to be the centre of attention, though my focus was solely on the musician. Fortunately I was not alone in a sea of sycophantic art enthusiasts for I spied the Brewer amongst a shrivel of critics and happily rescued him. We wandered through the Gallery arm in arm, admiring the works of art, and I must admit he has a greater social prowess than I first gave him credit for! He is a true gentleman and fully accepts that his role in life is to run his tavern to the best of his ability. 

It was wonderful listening to the musician play, for I normally see him holed away in the library or, of course, at the tavern. The entire evening was a success but once I'd paid my dues I managed to escape with the Brewer and musician for a few drinks.

We bumped into some dear friends of mine who were having a quiet drink in the tavern, but soon one drink turned into many and we all spent the night laughing and cajoling each other for gossip.

Of course I loved spending time with the musician but every time I do I get my hopes up. I need to realise that we are only friends and find some sort of distraction!

Speaking of distractions I had a lovely evening with the Rowers on Saturday night. Everyone was very merry and it was lovely to see them all again, but I behaved myself and did not give into the temptation that is the Captain.

I have heard nothing more from the Duke since I did not reply to his last letter. I feel that it is best that he travels with a clear head and hearing from me can only cause distress! What did excite me was the absence of the Gameskeeper and Belle! According to the Brewer and musician they were away staying at a private manor for the weekend in honour of a friend's engagement. Of course I am happy for them to go out and enjoy themselves but I did pout slightly at the lack of an invitation!

I have spent eight hours at work in the library and I feel that it is high time I went home! The Gameskeeper and Belle have now returned because I received a note offering their company this evening but there is nothing more I want to do tonight than curl up in bed with the ever entertaining Court Jester for amusement. Unless of course the musician summons me round...

D. S.