Thursday, January 30, 2014

We have been most fortunate that the snow has subsided somewhat. The hills are still a shade of white that glistens like diamonds under the soft gaze of the sun. Though the weekend was probably the coldest temperatures I've ever experienced, the last few days have been most mild in comparison.

However, the cold has made me long for the Shire; I can imagine that the whispers of Spring are in the air over my countryside, unlike the grips of winter that Bohemia has launched itself into with a vengeance.

The Duke of Albany has kept me up to date with the occurrences in my home town, and indeed further North as he makes enquiries for the future... I miss him. I feel as if I have lost a part of me, and there is nothing that I want to do without telling him about it, and of course that is slightly difficult with the distance between us. 

So of course I'm going to visit again. This time it shall be purely for pleasure rather than the business of the Lady-in-Waiting and I cannot wait to feel the touch of the Duke's fingertips tracing over my skin. The very thought sends shivers down my spine. 

The artist has kept her distance, as would be expected, but I am desperate to see the painting of me as Aphrodite again. I would have thought that the image would be imprinted on my mind, but it seems I need reminding. However, I dare not intrude on the Duke's hospitality and venture to his home, unannounced without his knowledge, and especially while he currently resides back on my home shores. So I know I shall have to wait until his return.

I have found some refuge in the arms of the Sapphic lover from months ago. It seems she sought me out, having received a letter from the Duke requesting her to attend to my more physical needs. How very thoughtful of him...


D. S.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snow! I must confess to having a childlike love for the silly white soft stuff, but a grown up's apprehension for the cold and what such late snowfall means.

Bohemia is known for it's freezing white winters and so far we have had glorious sunshine. True, the temperatures have been hovering around zero, but to see snow in Bohemia is most magical.

I am still in awe that the position of Lady-in-Waiting is mine. Even though I have now received the official letter of appointment I can still scarcely believe my good fortune. The last week has been a blur and I'm not sure what there is to tell...

Oh, yes. A letter. From the Duke of Albany. How could I forget? (I'm seeing a friend later today in the city and we have so much to catch up on, so I'm feeling a little scattered).

The letter. He still makes his abode in my Shire, enquiring after a home of his own in the beautiful English countryside. Though he does say that he plans to venture to the Northern counties (where I am to move to in September) and give me his humble opinion. Of course I know that I can't ask him to follow me up North. It is enough that he joined me in the Shire for Christmas! 

Besides I can be under no misapprehensions that my royal charge will accept me living with a man to whom I am not married, nor even betrothed!

I long for his return to Bohemia. The country is currently at its most wondrous and it saddens me to think he is missing out on his home's first snowfall. Though his letters do bring me great joy, and it gladdens my heart to know that he is still thinking of me. It is a rare thing to feel like an equal in the game of love and I treasure the notion, smiling as I remember how we met.

D. S.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Oh what a glorious day! I cannot thank the gods enough for the blessings they have bestowed upon me. The position of Lady-in-Waiting is mine. Despite my apprehensions about the interview, it seems I was what they were looking for. I can hardly believe my good fortune!! A smile has not left my face since I found out.

Of course this means I need to start making plans (and for once I'm looking forward to the notion!), but I have until September before my rendez vous with the Northern counties for a second period in my life. It shall always have a special place in my heart and I long to return to the city that carved me out of stone ~ despite my many mistakes.

The Duke of Albany is immensely proud of my achievement, but I have not ventured on to the subject of whether he will follow me North. He is still making the most of the Shire and I have heard he has made quite the impression on the ladies though my Mother is rather intrigued by my choice. He returns to Bohemia and to my loving arms next month, where I hope we can broach the subject of the Northern counties. I completely understand that he has his own responsibilities in Bohemia and who am I to tear him away from his family and friends, but the idea of having another heartbreak due to long distance is more than I can bear.

I realise I haven't written about the Duke of Albany in terms of love. It seemed too contrite personally, and now I can't imagine my life without him. I would travel any distance to be by his side (disguising my intentions of course). We are both fiercely independent but I am content in knowing our feelings for each other are on a par. No distance can break us.

For now I have to learn all about the royalty who are to take me in over the Autumn months. I want to brush up on my skills and knowledge, s'truth I have not yet even met those to be in my charge!


D. S.

Friday, January 17, 2014

A fleeting journey across the Continent and I am back in my own wonderful country. I have spent the last two evenings with Belle and the Marquessa in the Northern counties, preparing for my personal interview to be a lady-in-waiting

It was a whole day event and even though I had a week to prepare, I was still nervous, especially when I saw that there were at least a dozen other women of nobility applying for the same position! My skills and knowledge were paramount, but the questions put to me were not quite what I expected. I fear that may be to my detriment... But of course I do not know what this great family of esteemed royalty are looking for. 

A single place has been offered. To be considered in the first place was enough, and the daunting nature of the interview is not something I wish to repeat in a hurry! I just hope my commitment is noted as I travelled all the way from Bohemia. Belle of course was wonderful in calming me before the actual event, and I have to admit the Marquessa could not be faulted for her care and consideration of my person. I will have to write letters of thanks to the both of them.

Now I am travelling back south to my Shire and the loving arms of the Duke's. This weekend will be much sweeter because it was not planned, and two weeks is more than long enough to go without his hand resting upon my skin, nor his lips grazing mine. I will wish to speak to him about the artist. I am unable to not think about her opinion of me. I do not think she holds me in high esteem and it makes me wonder why. I have never given her any cause for concern (other than my slightly lucid state that one time) and though my reputation does often precede me, the Duke assured me that the artist and I were from different social circles.

Never mind, I will ask him when I am in his presence. I want to hear how he has coped in my homeland without my assistance or guidance. The Duke of Albany is almost as stubborn as I am and he is of the humble opinion that he does not need me, but rather would just prefer me to be around. A compliment, I think, is very well hidden in that stance, don't you?

D. S.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Life is somewhat frenetic, charmingly haphazard and completely out of my control. 

I have to journey back to the Shire only a fortnight after my return to Bohemia, in order to make a personal application for a position as a lady-in-waiting. I wish there were more details for me to give, but it is all rather hush-hush and I cannot breathe more of a word than I already have. Just know that this decision has not been made lightly, and I did not realise quite how much I wanted something to do until the position opened. 

It is such an honour just to be considered, and I have to admit I squealed like a little girl when I found out. I'm going to enjoy having something to focus on, even if it is just for a week, as it will distract me from the emptiness of the Duke of Albany's presence. He will no doubt write to me shortly to wish me well, and I know he will make every effort to see me during my fleeting visit.

As well as all this information that has bombarded me, I had the (dis)pleasure of afternoon tea with the artist a few days ago... She was as curt as always and very professional, not wanting to discuss anything other than her commission. She is a closed book and if it weren't for her talent at turning me from mere mortal to the goddess Aphrodite, I'd have mentioned her impertinence. Be that as it may, we parted on fairly civil terms, and she did say she'd be more than pleased to paint me again should the inclination arise. 

I want to see the painting again but I cannot barge into the Duke's abode without him in the country. My mind is in a whirl. I had better arrange for my bags to be packed. I can't let my hopes soar any higher than they already have, for I know the disappointment if I am unsuccessful will cause me to crash and burn.

Que sera sera.


D. S.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

So many days and weeks have passed since I last mustered up the discipline to write anything but drivel. I can't promise that this post is going to be enlightening, but that I have managed to somehow coast on a wave of inspiration is enough for me. For now. 

Bohemia has once again cocooned me in a silky haven of winter sunshine and soft waltzes. Christmas and new year strode past with a determination I have not seen since the White Knight blasted his way into my life over a year ago and I have had to take the time to sit and sort my head out.

The Duke of Albany and I shared some magical moments in the Shire and further up north in the company of my beloved Belle and the Irish Lady of Corcaigh. Even though the Duke had to suffer as the only male member of our retinue, he did so with such grace and style that I felt the other women's envy because his attentions were all focussed on me. I did have a slight worry about what the Duke meant for my future, but he put all my worries to rest.

A new year, a new me? 

Hardly. I have attempted new year's resolutions before to no avail and rather than shoot for the stars I'd like to work towards a long term goal. 

Travel and writing. They are the two constants in my life and without them I think I'd have become a shadow of who I am today. The Duke of Albany is also one to watch, I cannot imagine my life without him, though it is all very well to say that because he is still in my Shire, while I make myself comfortable in the Bohemian home of his forefathers.

It was not my decision to make, whether he stayed or not, but now that I am without the Duke, I miss him greatly. Oh well, I have lots to be getting on with before his return in a few weeks... Like that painting, and the artist...


D. S.