Sunday, October 30, 2011

It has just occurred to me that in being here over a month, the White Knight has failed to respond to my letter imploring him to keep in contact. How rude.

There is not much I can do to scorn him; I could not avoid his presence more keenly than by staying twelve thousand miles away, here in the Antipodes, but I am stung slightly, by his arrogance in believing he could ignore me!

At least I have found refuge in the no-longer-anonymous woman's company. We laugh merrily about the sticky situation we got ourselves into at the Manor party and how we survived the scandal, even though the three of us were walked in on. We  ponder as to what has become of the third member of our ménage à trois, and delight in the memories as we tease each other; neither of us quite brave enough to make the first move.

I sound besotted, and though I am intrigued by her passion and content in her presence, I do not crave her approval nor pine for her when we are not together. It is not a desire like one I had for the musician or Head Architect, it is far more comfortable and I suppose that comes from us both being women and understanding our own needs... I'm sure Marie Antoinette would understand.

In two days time I shall have my rendez vous with the masked guest. I am to be wined and dined in the city and I cannot wait, for the countryside has it's beauty but there are few distractions so enticing as the city.

My labouring too, takes me into the city and I have seen places that I didn't even realised existed. Working in fashion has truly opened my eyes, and I feel embarrassed to think how ignorant I was before I'd laid a finger on a piece of cloth that wasn't already stitched and sewn into life. My no-longer-anonymous woman doesn't approve of my work, she is of too high a class to appreciate the skill of craft, and though she is not even a Duchess, she has no want to learn, whereas I crave an understanding of everything that I do not know. I appease her by attending soirées and garden parties, but they hold very little meaning here in the Antipodes, especially if I think of the raucously civilised events held by my dearest friends...

And with that, I must remember to respond to their letters accordingly. There is much to tell them and even more to ask.

D. S.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I can scarcely believe I have been in the Antipodes for over a month! It truly feels like home, though as we get closer to Christmas the weather is also getting warmer, and I wonder what a Summer Christmas will be like, especially as I receive letters from my Ladies enjoying the English Winter...

I have even had the pleasure of correspondence from the nun, whom has sent me news of her darling baby boy who has started crawling around and causing mischief. I too am looking forward to hearing from the Coxswain and her lover, though I have recently been disappointed in the Gameskeeper who hasn't been in touch since the Masquerade Ball... But at least the masqued guest has kept up his correspondence and I am looking forward to seeing him dreadfully!

Indeed, the anonymous woman too created quite a stir when we dined last week. It seems an inebriated evening at the Manor party back in March brought the two of us together for the first time... I had no idea she was moving to the Antipodes, and apparently she has already been here for over six months so I am making the most of spending time with her close friends and acquaintances. 

We have celebrated the Season of the Games over the last few days, any excuse of course for a good time, but that the Antipodes won and have become true Champions was the cherry on the proverbial cake. Champagne has been drunk by the crates and though I have still been going to work (!) my concentration is waning and I find myself looking forward to the celebrations more than anything else... Typical me.

I have got to know those whom I work with a lot more and I love their blunt and energetic personalities. I hope I didn't come across as judging them too harshly before I knew them properly! Hopefully I have learned not to be so prejudiced! 

In two weeks time my Mother shall travel from the Autumnal British Isles and join me in the Antipodes and I cannot wait to be reunited with all of my relatives. Christmas, when my Father and Carpenter Brother join us, shall truly be a familial affair, but until then, I shall continue in my frivolities and the excessive labouring for the world of fashion!

D. S.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I have never before professed my loathing for the unknown, but it seems that the time has come, and I can no longer keep silent.

The labours that I have undergone have opened my eyes to the convoluted world beneath the garments which I wore without a moments thought. Tears are shed, and scars are borne, without complaint ~ the finished masterpiece is all that occupies their mind. Impressed doesn't even surmount to the emotions I felt as I toiled alongside them, inadequate probably amasses to what I've felt most. 

But I refuse to give in since I have written to my parents to tell them of my efforts, and there is something quite satisfying about working for one's self. 

So for now I shall continue, 'earning my keep', as it were, and get to know the women a little bit more. I was terribly surprised to find they are like a loud, loving family. Nothing so refined as my Ladies of the Shire, nor even as hushed and secretive as those in the Northern Counties, but rather honest and upfront about their dreams and ambitions, and impossible to keep quiet about their beaux. It is ever so refreshing, because they do not regard their love lives as scandalous, they are all ever so matter of fact!

It truly makes me wonder about the conventions we aristocracy have to put up with... I know I flout them wherever possible, but I am glad too that my family do not try and trap me within their confines.

There is someone, however, who has once again caught my eye. The anonymous brunette has clearly been inspired by the same muse as Luthien, for I have been sent an invitation to meet with her tonight. I hope she will disclose where before our paths have crossed, for I am racked with intrigue, yet I fear for my humiliation in not remembering her.

Unfortunately, the Masqued guest had to postpone our own rendez vous, for which I had to admonish myself in allowing my hopes to rise. I don't know what I expected, but surely if it was to be then he would not have failed to make his intention known? 

I am surrounded by guises of all types, and it frustrates me to know that I am in the dark, through no folly of mine own... I hope.

D. S.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Can you believe that I have taken up labouring in the hope it shall keep my idle hands from meddling in other people's lives?

Indeed, fashion has once again beckoned and I have spent the last few days with mademoiselles de la mode, learning about their craft and appreciating their skills more than ever before. In fact, for the first time ever! How sheltered I have lived my life. I am so glad to have this opportunity to explore another culture, and to acquire a greater understanding while travelling out in the Antipodes.

The incident that spurred on this learning curve was relatively trivial; I overheard a conversation  that revolved around my family's future... It seems my parents haven't been entirely honest for their reasons of sending me to the other side of the world. Apparently, my brother's wish to join the ranks of the Navy are still in full flow and the only way to halt the endeavour was to let him try his hand at Carpentry!

It sounds very odd, but I've always known that academia is not his forté, and that he has an aptitude for wood-based skills, but of course it is unbecoming ~ something my parents did not want to impede on me. The Navy has far more prestige, however Mother cannot bare to see him leave for sea if there is only a slim chance of his return. And for once, I whole-heartedly agree!

So to soothe my Mother's ruffled feathers, I too shall try my hand at a trade, in the hope that she will realise I am not so close-minded that I needed to be carted off! Of course it is not the only reason, but I was perturbed to find out that it has become a snippet of gossip. I know fashion has so much more to offer the nobility and aristocracy than Carpentry, but as long as my parents are appeased and my brother is happy, then so am I.

There is no more to tell about the anonymous brunette, she has evaporated into thin air and I still haven't had the gall to ask anyone if they know the name of an 'olive-skinned brunette' for I have nothing more to go on, which is terribly frustrating. But I shall continue to bide my time, for I know that our paths are meant to cross again.

I am however, looking forward to meeting again with the Masqued guest in three days time... It shall be entertaining to see him  no doubt, for he has been keeping me amused with little notes over the past week. Speaking of which, I have received letters from yonder and was delighted to hear from my Ladies. I miss them dearly. Yet still there is nothing to salve my aching curiosity in regard to the White Knight. He is keeping silent in response to my letter, and that says more than any words could...

D. S.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Unfortunately I still have no answer as to who the olive-skinned brunette is, though I have glimpsed her a second time in these past few days. It may sound odd, but I feel as if she is mocking me; almost as if she is waiting for me to remember her. But until my rendez vous with a prestigious and affluent family at the end of this week, I have no one to ask about who she may be, for my family seem not to know her.

It seems the Gameskeeper is making my life rather difficult and refusing to give me a date for when I can visit, who knows, I may just turn up and surprise him! Though it won't be until at least next week and I have a few more recent engagements...

I was ever so astonished to hear back from a guest at the Masquerade Ball. I had never expected to see his face again, nor taste his lips, but fate had other plans. We are to have a tryst in a few days and I look forward to the encounter, and I wonder if it shall hail the same results as before...

Today has been terribly productive for I wrote many letters which I have to send to England and to my dear Lords and Ladies. I'd forgotten how soothing it was to write one's thoughts on a page and I look forward to their various responses. 

Though there is one reply that I look forward to most keenly; the White Knight's. I'm not sure whether it was my family's incessant talk of marriage, or the news of the War abroad, but I wrote to him, asking nothing more than if we could keep in touch. It sounds a little silly I suppose, for by sending a letter I am in fact keeping in touch, but I don't know if he wants to hear back from me... I'm not even sure if I should acknowledge the letter that I sent. But it is too late now. It is done.

So for now I shall dwell on the mysterious woman, trying to recall where she has before played a part in my life, as well as waiting tentatively for my tête-à-tête with the Masqueraded guest.

D. S.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

It has only been four days since the Gameskeeper and his delicious cousin left me, but I already miss them greatly and am making plans to join them further South ~ the memories of the Masquerade Ball are not enough to satiate my long for passion and gaiety.

I barely left my home the day after they returned home as I was faint from fatigue and highly drained from the evenings' rambunctious activities. But since then I have recovered and joyfully spent time with my beloved family. We have been joined by Great-Aunts and Uncles as well as cousins from all over the world, and the only family that I wait for now are my Parents and my Brother.

The beautiful Antipodes. #NewZealand darlings. D.S.

There was a slight anomaly however, that gave me cause for a slightly more pensive mood; I walked passed a woman in the city who I'm sure I recognised. I don't know how, because I know very few people this far South of the Equator, but we glanced at each other and there was a degree of acknowledgement in her eyes. I didn't have the chance to speak to her for it seemed we were both in a hurry but I am ever so intrigued as to who she is.

The city is not that large and I'm sure we shall revolve around similar circles because for the past two nights she has been plaguing my mind. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could remind me of any event where I could have met a long, dark haired, hazel eyed, olive skinned beauty. It isn't a face I think I could forget, but even so I'm surprised that I couldn't place her.

I miss home. It has only been two weeks but already I miss the English soil. Or at least I'm afraid that the Antipodes feels like home already. As if I'm being unfaithful to my Shire and  the North...

D. S.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Of course a jaunt with the Gameskeeper would lead to much mischief. Even though we are thousands of miles from home there are few variations in our time together and with the addition of his cousin, we laughed and drank the weekend away without a care in the world.

It was wonderful to see the two of them. I've had a smile on my face ever since they arrived, and I am still chuckling to myself despite their fresh absence. We went to a Masquerade Ball after watching the Games throughout the day, and I've barely recovered from the copious quantities of intoxication that passed my lips.

I suppose it sounds silly, but I do adore being around people. I'm never happier than when with friends in a crowded room; preferably being the centre of attention! The culture here is a little different compared to what I'm used to in the rural Shire or the bustling North, but the Gameskeeper has a knack for making friends and we weren't alone in our love for the Season of the Games. Of course I chose to support the opposing side; I love the competition and the men were getting ever so riled up. It was a very close Game, but nothing more can be done about it now.

My Nana has been telling me the most fascinating stories about her childhood, but it saddens me to hear about the separation of her and Tata. Of course I love him dearly, but the way he treated Nana while they were still married is appalling and I hope that my brother, Father, cousins and Uncles take note and never dare to start affair after affair on their wives. Dreadful behaviour.

I need a few more hours sleep than I managed last night; sharing a floor with a few cushions and a blanket with large cumbersome, writhing bodies is not what I would call relaxing in the slightest!

D. S.