Saturday, October 15, 2011

Can you believe that I have taken up labouring in the hope it shall keep my idle hands from meddling in other people's lives?

Indeed, fashion has once again beckoned and I have spent the last few days with mademoiselles de la mode, learning about their craft and appreciating their skills more than ever before. In fact, for the first time ever! How sheltered I have lived my life. I am so glad to have this opportunity to explore another culture, and to acquire a greater understanding while travelling out in the Antipodes.

The incident that spurred on this learning curve was relatively trivial; I overheard a conversation  that revolved around my family's future... It seems my parents haven't been entirely honest for their reasons of sending me to the other side of the world. Apparently, my brother's wish to join the ranks of the Navy are still in full flow and the only way to halt the endeavour was to let him try his hand at Carpentry!

It sounds very odd, but I've always known that academia is not his forté, and that he has an aptitude for wood-based skills, but of course it is unbecoming ~ something my parents did not want to impede on me. The Navy has far more prestige, however Mother cannot bare to see him leave for sea if there is only a slim chance of his return. And for once, I whole-heartedly agree!

So to soothe my Mother's ruffled feathers, I too shall try my hand at a trade, in the hope that she will realise I am not so close-minded that I needed to be carted off! Of course it is not the only reason, but I was perturbed to find out that it has become a snippet of gossip. I know fashion has so much more to offer the nobility and aristocracy than Carpentry, but as long as my parents are appeased and my brother is happy, then so am I.

There is no more to tell about the anonymous brunette, she has evaporated into thin air and I still haven't had the gall to ask anyone if they know the name of an 'olive-skinned brunette' for I have nothing more to go on, which is terribly frustrating. But I shall continue to bide my time, for I know that our paths are meant to cross again.

I am however, looking forward to meeting again with the Masqued guest in three days time... It shall be entertaining to see him  no doubt, for he has been keeping me amused with little notes over the past week. Speaking of which, I have received letters from yonder and was delighted to hear from my Ladies. I miss them dearly. Yet still there is nothing to salve my aching curiosity in regard to the White Knight. He is keeping silent in response to my letter, and that says more than any words could...

D. S.