Thursday, October 06, 2011

It has only been four days since the Gameskeeper and his delicious cousin left me, but I already miss them greatly and am making plans to join them further South ~ the memories of the Masquerade Ball are not enough to satiate my long for passion and gaiety.

I barely left my home the day after they returned home as I was faint from fatigue and highly drained from the evenings' rambunctious activities. But since then I have recovered and joyfully spent time with my beloved family. We have been joined by Great-Aunts and Uncles as well as cousins from all over the world, and the only family that I wait for now are my Parents and my Brother.

The beautiful Antipodes. #NewZealand darlings. D.S.

There was a slight anomaly however, that gave me cause for a slightly more pensive mood; I walked passed a woman in the city who I'm sure I recognised. I don't know how, because I know very few people this far South of the Equator, but we glanced at each other and there was a degree of acknowledgement in her eyes. I didn't have the chance to speak to her for it seemed we were both in a hurry but I am ever so intrigued as to who she is.

The city is not that large and I'm sure we shall revolve around similar circles because for the past two nights she has been plaguing my mind. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could remind me of any event where I could have met a long, dark haired, hazel eyed, olive skinned beauty. It isn't a face I think I could forget, but even so I'm surprised that I couldn't place her.

I miss home. It has only been two weeks but already I miss the English soil. Or at least I'm afraid that the Antipodes feels like home already. As if I'm being unfaithful to my Shire and  the North...

D. S.