Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I have never before professed my loathing for the unknown, but it seems that the time has come, and I can no longer keep silent.

The labours that I have undergone have opened my eyes to the convoluted world beneath the garments which I wore without a moments thought. Tears are shed, and scars are borne, without complaint ~ the finished masterpiece is all that occupies their mind. Impressed doesn't even surmount to the emotions I felt as I toiled alongside them, inadequate probably amasses to what I've felt most. 

But I refuse to give in since I have written to my parents to tell them of my efforts, and there is something quite satisfying about working for one's self. 

So for now I shall continue, 'earning my keep', as it were, and get to know the women a little bit more. I was terribly surprised to find they are like a loud, loving family. Nothing so refined as my Ladies of the Shire, nor even as hushed and secretive as those in the Northern Counties, but rather honest and upfront about their dreams and ambitions, and impossible to keep quiet about their beaux. It is ever so refreshing, because they do not regard their love lives as scandalous, they are all ever so matter of fact!

It truly makes me wonder about the conventions we aristocracy have to put up with... I know I flout them wherever possible, but I am glad too that my family do not try and trap me within their confines.

There is someone, however, who has once again caught my eye. The anonymous brunette has clearly been inspired by the same muse as Luthien, for I have been sent an invitation to meet with her tonight. I hope she will disclose where before our paths have crossed, for I am racked with intrigue, yet I fear for my humiliation in not remembering her.

Unfortunately, the Masqued guest had to postpone our own rendez vous, for which I had to admonish myself in allowing my hopes to rise. I don't know what I expected, but surely if it was to be then he would not have failed to make his intention known? 

I am surrounded by guises of all types, and it frustrates me to know that I am in the dark, through no folly of mine own... I hope.

D. S.