Sunday, October 02, 2011

Of course a jaunt with the Gameskeeper would lead to much mischief. Even though we are thousands of miles from home there are few variations in our time together and with the addition of his cousin, we laughed and drank the weekend away without a care in the world.

It was wonderful to see the two of them. I've had a smile on my face ever since they arrived, and I am still chuckling to myself despite their fresh absence. We went to a Masquerade Ball after watching the Games throughout the day, and I've barely recovered from the copious quantities of intoxication that passed my lips.

I suppose it sounds silly, but I do adore being around people. I'm never happier than when with friends in a crowded room; preferably being the centre of attention! The culture here is a little different compared to what I'm used to in the rural Shire or the bustling North, but the Gameskeeper has a knack for making friends and we weren't alone in our love for the Season of the Games. Of course I chose to support the opposing side; I love the competition and the men were getting ever so riled up. It was a very close Game, but nothing more can be done about it now.

My Nana has been telling me the most fascinating stories about her childhood, but it saddens me to hear about the separation of her and Tata. Of course I love him dearly, but the way he treated Nana while they were still married is appalling and I hope that my brother, Father, cousins and Uncles take note and never dare to start affair after affair on their wives. Dreadful behaviour.

I need a few more hours sleep than I managed last night; sharing a floor with a few cushions and a blanket with large cumbersome, writhing bodies is not what I would call relaxing in the slightest!

D. S.

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