Monday, October 10, 2011

Unfortunately I still have no answer as to who the olive-skinned brunette is, though I have glimpsed her a second time in these past few days. It may sound odd, but I feel as if she is mocking me; almost as if she is waiting for me to remember her. But until my rendez vous with a prestigious and affluent family at the end of this week, I have no one to ask about who she may be, for my family seem not to know her.

It seems the Gameskeeper is making my life rather difficult and refusing to give me a date for when I can visit, who knows, I may just turn up and surprise him! Though it won't be until at least next week and I have a few more recent engagements...

I was ever so astonished to hear back from a guest at the Masquerade Ball. I had never expected to see his face again, nor taste his lips, but fate had other plans. We are to have a tryst in a few days and I look forward to the encounter, and I wonder if it shall hail the same results as before...

Today has been terribly productive for I wrote many letters which I have to send to England and to my dear Lords and Ladies. I'd forgotten how soothing it was to write one's thoughts on a page and I look forward to their various responses. 

Though there is one reply that I look forward to most keenly; the White Knight's. I'm not sure whether it was my family's incessant talk of marriage, or the news of the War abroad, but I wrote to him, asking nothing more than if we could keep in touch. It sounds a little silly I suppose, for by sending a letter I am in fact keeping in touch, but I don't know if he wants to hear back from me... I'm not even sure if I should acknowledge the letter that I sent. But it is too late now. It is done.

So for now I shall dwell on the mysterious woman, trying to recall where she has before played a part in my life, as well as waiting tentatively for my tête-à-tête with the Masqueraded guest.

D. S.