The Duke of Albany ~ This grandchild of Bohemia has beffudled me with his wit and his charm, and though we manage to argue over every point and every decision, we still slip happily between the sheets. It is a passion I have not felt for a long time and I cannot hep but smile as I recall our first meeting.

The Shire

The blonde Esquire ~ a lover that could have been so much more than what it was. Love was felt but it was not desired and nor did it last. A farcical attempt, and not an experience I ever hope to forget.

The White Knight ~ A suitor my Mother chose for me, but alas it was not to be for we had to go our separate ways, to different corners of the world. I sometimes think about him, and what could have been, but I have no regrets.

The Peacock Gentleman ~ He is a gentleman whose sole purpose in life, it would seem, is to excel at all sports and flirt with every woman. Of course there is nothing wrong with this hedonistic lifestyle, in fact I almost envy that he can be so blatant. No doubt it is because he is a man, and men, apparently, can do no wrong.

The Scottish Earl ~ Ah yes. Unsurprisingly I have a smile on my face as I remember the Scottish Earl. It wasn't too long ago that I was happily sharing my bed with him, but I never fixated on him like I did the others (the Duke, the Head Architect... the musician). He is still a good friend though we have removed the more physical aspect of our relationship. In fact I have not heard from him in a while, I might pen him a letter...

The Head Architect ~ He was more than just a lover... Or at least I thought so. He was hired to design the South Wing of my home in the Shire. We flirted with the idea of 'us' for many months. I caved and gave into my body (which seems to be my only forte) and was left as abruptly as he'd arrived, only to have him appear briefly in the North. I do hope someone is breaking his heart down in Brighton.

The Baron ~ A past lover. Nothing more, nothing less. Only singularly mentioned on the 10th January as I was reminded of the disastrous letter that I sent him. Of no consequence. 

The Officer ~ Another illicit affair but not one that I realised until it was too late. I believe he is now married and though our friendship has dwindled I do still care about him greatly and I've promised to stop pandering after him. He is across the water in France I believe and fighting like the true soldier he is.

The Duke ~ I could write reams about the Duke (and have done). A close friend and lover for years while I was growing up (which I still have yet to do) but now he is an acquaintance whom I could have had... Once upon a time. He disappeared on a Grande Tour after his betrothal ended and asked me to join him. Even though I could not quite contain my glee at the dissolution of his engagement I couldn't bring myself to be his mistress.

The Antipodes

The Scottish laird ~ An acquaintance met  while travelling the South Island. It was a single conversation that I had with him which gave me an insight to my relationship with the English gentleman. Although he has returned to his home, there has been talk about rekindling what we started...

The English  gentleman ~ At first he was a welcome distraction from my inner turmoil with the Captain. It was wonderful to talk to someone who had similar ideas and shared his memories of our home country with ease. But even with his skill in the bedroom I couldn't convince myself that I cared about him, so we soon parted ways.

The Stone Mason ~ A suitor of layman standing, however in the Antipodes a layman goes further than anyone of gentleman stature. The nobility are scarce so I have enjoyed his company with an undeniable fervour, but although we share many interests I'm not sure where this is going... 

The Antipodean Captain ~ A gorgeous strapping eighteen year old rower who has courted me with an intensity I can't ignore. He makes me smile though his innocence and naivety sometimes makes me pause for thought... It is enough to know that he does love me, and I him.

The Northern Counties

The Northern Captain ~ An acquaintance I got to know in the biblical sense, although he is a good friend of the coxswain's lover. An amusing and entertaining man who knows how to get what he wants. Flattered that I was wanted... But truthfully it was never anything more than a little bit of fun.

The musician ~ It seems that my face is betraying the tiniest hint of what I feel for the musician as I can't help but smile. We are still only friends and his indifference does get to me every now and again, but when he pays me the attention that I desire there is no where else in the world I'd rather be. It was only a few months of cautious flirting but I know that I had once again fallen a little too hard. I believe it is the greatest flaw of my sex! Nevertheless I waited to see what the future would hold... And a great disappointment to learn that the future held nothing.

The Foreign Minister ~ A lover. Sporadically at the best of times, for there are occassions when it just cannot be helped! He is, however, a close friend of him, which is both useful and perturbing. The Foreign Minister would make a fine husband if he weren't always falling in and out of love.

Him ~ There is nothing that I particularly want to say about him. He has removed himself from my life and I am glad the torrid, yet fleeting, affair is over.

D. S.