Saturday, September 27, 2014

Another week has passed and to think I have made the northern county my home for a month beggars belief. Where has the time gone? I adore being back in the city where my writing first began, though this second time round is a far cry to the debauchery that used to be a familiar occurrence

It is only a few days from the celebration of our first anniversary; the Duke of Albany and I have beaten the odds and survived a long-distance relationship, crossed continents and now live within a stones throw from each other. It is an ideal world I have somehow stumbled upon, and I have to pause and thank the gods for my fortunes, so as not to incite any bad luck.

The sun is shining, but there is a chill in the air as autumn creeps and bustles around the scurrying of the city I have grown to love with a renewed zest. My brand new role, which I witter on about it probably more than I should, is completely delightful. It has opened my eyes to the hardships that some people endure from such a young age, and it makes me want to know more. I can barely put my books down for want of needing to find out more.

I am off tonight with my dearest Belle at long last. She has recovered from her sickness and we are to celebrate our youth and delight in the world around us (though not quite like we used to...) despite having caught a sniffle myself.

October draws nearer and my Father has hinted that he shall spend the Autumn on the Continent, which has made me rather jealous, though there is nowhere else I'd rather be right now. Mother as it so happens, is enjoying her time in the Antipodes, when and if she shall ever return are hazy answered questions, impossible to pin down.

Just in case you ever wondered where my wanderlust came from...

D. S.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tomorrow shall be something completely different to what I am used to, but unfortunately it is not something I can write about. Discretion, as I mentioned at the beginning of the month, is paramount, and I enjoy my position far too much to want to give anything away at the moment. Just know this, it shall pave the way for many, greater opportunities and I hope to learn a lot. 

Another weekend is drawing to a close and I am grateful to note the Duke and myself have barely spent any time apart. He hasn't made any comments about the whereabouts of the new embassy directly, but he has hinted at many different locations within the city. It is ever so intriguing to be somewhat a part of political change. 

True, we have to still discuss our plans of the ever looming Christmas festivities (I personally think it is too early to even think of the occasion as we have not yet had the (dis)pleasure of All Hallow's Eve) but the Duke is determined to invite his family over from Bohemia. 

It isn't that I am not fond of his family, quite the opposite really! Nevertheless I would much rather return to Bohemia and make the most of what little time I have to travel now that I have committed myself to a vocation. I'm sure there is at least the one ulterior motive that I am unaware of, and honestly I don't need to have a reason, I would just like to understand the logistics.

Poor Belle has been feeling under the weather and warned me away from her, so I haven't had a chance to see her, nor was I able to send anything to make her feel better. I hope she recovers soon enough because there are days and nights aplenty for when her presence would be sorely desired. 

I am looking forward to the coming of the new week. New challenges shall arise and as always I intend to meet them head on. 

D. S.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What a difference a few days can make. I have had the time to myself to gather and collect my thoughts so that I can prioritise what is most important to me (the Duke and my writing) as well as the responsibilities I now carry as a Lady-in-Waiting

There is nothing so wonderful as having an organised mind and knowing exactly what it is and where it is you want to go next. I have to admit, the novelty of this feeling hasn't yet worn off ~ which is something that is prone to happening ~ and for the first time I can remember I am enjoying the calm that comes with order. 

The Duke of Albany is away (again) on one of his ventures about the Embassy. He is talking about having his family travel over for the Christmas festivities from Bohemia. Though they were more kind to me than I ever expected them to be, I can't imagine how my Royal Family would react to my asking for a retinue of hundreds to turn up at their door. I have explained the difficulties in logistics to the Duke, but he is more stubborn than I, and has vowed to find a way.

If he can make it happen, then so be it.

I need to catch up with my correspondences; there is a festival in the park this weekend and I want to invite Belle to promenade the stalls with me. I haven't seen her in over a fortnight, which is abominable considering we live nigh on a few miles from each other. I shall indeed write to her, post haste. 

Other than making the most of all I have to do with my new position and learning to cope with the living arrangements between the Duke and myself (it is more fun than I anticipated for I was a little concerned, and though we argue, they are but a trifle compared to when we were apart) there is not much to report. 

This festival shall hopefully increase any dampened spirits, and I hope to maybe have an invite to a Ball in the near future. Oh, how I long to dance again!

D. S.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Once again I have barely found the time to eat and sleep, let alone to write and be more creative. Only one more week has passed, but the workload has increased tenfold! I am still in my own early days, so my enthusiasm and self-motivation are at an all time high, but I can't explain how wonderful it is to have a morning to myself.

Even the Duke of Albany knows to give me a little bit of freedom because I have been on edge, and he too is tackling his new venture in a foreign land head on. He's disappeared to the city this morning while I try and make head or tail of all the information I have collected over the last fortnight. 

I suppose it doesn't help that the Coxswain, her gentleman Number 5 and myself partook in much merriment last night. The Duke declined his invitation, and I was a little put out by his apparent rudeness, but he was already asleep before I got in last night and away before I woke up. He's certainly keeping himself busy (doing what, I do not know, but he corresponds daily with his family in Bohemia, and there are talks of having an Embassy here in the Northern counties... So we'll see).

But last night was utterly delightful. The Coxswain no longer has to disguise herself for her lover and she's actually taken a back seat from rowing ~ though I doubt that will last long. It's a passion of hers, and I know that nothing could take me away from my writing, even if I do get swept away by the current of life every now and again. 

I did actually have to foray in to Londontown this week to sort out some bureaucratic mess that followed me from Bohemia. The Duke could have sorted it instantly had I asked him, but there's nothing like a little independence and responsibility. Also I made my jaunt to the Capital worthwhile by dining with friends from many years ago. I always adore London when I am there but I cannot deny the sigh of relief that leaves my lips once I have said my goodbyes. It is such a bustling city, there is no time to just 'be'. How I would hate to live there! I much prefer my calmer, more friendly Northern town. 

D. S.

Saturday, September 06, 2014

What a week. I am utterly exhausted from the to-ing and fro-ing I've undertaken. There is nothing like taking upon a new role to keep you busy. Unfortunately, because of the nature of my role as a Lady-in-Waiting to Royalty, I shall have to keep details to a minimum as discretion is key.

Discretion, subtlety and sincerity are all characteristics I have found lacking in my own personality throughout the years... Nevertheless I have survived my first week and shall strive to be more and more consistent in the following months.

It is exceedingly delightful to have the Duke of Albany to hand. We haven't had the time in our relationship to discover all of each other's nuances; what makes him tick, and me purr, but we are certainly making the most of the time we have together. This first week has been relatively relaxed, but everyone I have spoken to in the royal household has warned me that the work will only accumulate.

I wish I could say I was daunted by this challenge ahead of me; but like my time in Bohemia, the Shire or the Antipodes, I welcome the new experiences and fully intend to tackle them head on. (Sometimes I do wish I was a little less headstrong, as I often forget to look before I leap, which as we all know can lead to disastrous results!)

Belle and I have conversed and enjoyed each other's company with a fervour; it is wonderful to be around friends, especially ones who have known me for as long as she has. As always she is full of wisdom and touching advice, and I need her to be a barrier between the Duke and I when we have one of our tumultuous arguments. 

The disputes are not as common as they once were (thankfully) but we both still have a fiery temper, and a stubbornness that is unrelenting. 

Actually I do have some exciting news... My writing has taken a turn for the unexpected. A reputable publisher is interested in one of my stories! We are only in the early days, but it is brilliant to even have my work read, let alone considered for publishing! How I love the life I am living!

D. S.