Saturday, September 13, 2014

Once again I have barely found the time to eat and sleep, let alone to write and be more creative. Only one more week has passed, but the workload has increased tenfold! I am still in my own early days, so my enthusiasm and self-motivation are at an all time high, but I can't explain how wonderful it is to have a morning to myself.

Even the Duke of Albany knows to give me a little bit of freedom because I have been on edge, and he too is tackling his new venture in a foreign land head on. He's disappeared to the city this morning while I try and make head or tail of all the information I have collected over the last fortnight. 

I suppose it doesn't help that the Coxswain, her gentleman Number 5 and myself partook in much merriment last night. The Duke declined his invitation, and I was a little put out by his apparent rudeness, but he was already asleep before I got in last night and away before I woke up. He's certainly keeping himself busy (doing what, I do not know, but he corresponds daily with his family in Bohemia, and there are talks of having an Embassy here in the Northern counties... So we'll see).

But last night was utterly delightful. The Coxswain no longer has to disguise herself for her lover and she's actually taken a back seat from rowing ~ though I doubt that will last long. It's a passion of hers, and I know that nothing could take me away from my writing, even if I do get swept away by the current of life every now and again. 

I did actually have to foray in to Londontown this week to sort out some bureaucratic mess that followed me from Bohemia. The Duke could have sorted it instantly had I asked him, but there's nothing like a little independence and responsibility. Also I made my jaunt to the Capital worthwhile by dining with friends from many years ago. I always adore London when I am there but I cannot deny the sigh of relief that leaves my lips once I have said my goodbyes. It is such a bustling city, there is no time to just 'be'. How I would hate to live there! I much prefer my calmer, more friendly Northern town. 

D. S.

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