Saturday, September 06, 2014

What a week. I am utterly exhausted from the to-ing and fro-ing I've undertaken. There is nothing like taking upon a new role to keep you busy. Unfortunately, because of the nature of my role as a Lady-in-Waiting to Royalty, I shall have to keep details to a minimum as discretion is key.

Discretion, subtlety and sincerity are all characteristics I have found lacking in my own personality throughout the years... Nevertheless I have survived my first week and shall strive to be more and more consistent in the following months.

It is exceedingly delightful to have the Duke of Albany to hand. We haven't had the time in our relationship to discover all of each other's nuances; what makes him tick, and me purr, but we are certainly making the most of the time we have together. This first week has been relatively relaxed, but everyone I have spoken to in the royal household has warned me that the work will only accumulate.

I wish I could say I was daunted by this challenge ahead of me; but like my time in Bohemia, the Shire or the Antipodes, I welcome the new experiences and fully intend to tackle them head on. (Sometimes I do wish I was a little less headstrong, as I often forget to look before I leap, which as we all know can lead to disastrous results!)

Belle and I have conversed and enjoyed each other's company with a fervour; it is wonderful to be around friends, especially ones who have known me for as long as she has. As always she is full of wisdom and touching advice, and I need her to be a barrier between the Duke and I when we have one of our tumultuous arguments. 

The disputes are not as common as they once were (thankfully) but we both still have a fiery temper, and a stubbornness that is unrelenting. 

Actually I do have some exciting news... My writing has taken a turn for the unexpected. A reputable publisher is interested in one of my stories! We are only in the early days, but it is brilliant to even have my work read, let alone considered for publishing! How I love the life I am living!

D. S.

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