Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I close my eyes for what seems like a few minutes only to open them and discover I am once again staring a new year in the face, having little to no time to say goodbye to the year that was. I suppose I should fill in all that has happened during my adventures down under, all sorts of rumours have been flying as I haven't had the time, nay, the strength, to put the rumours to bed. But lying here in the sweltering morning sun on the last day of the year I feel I ought to give an explanation of sorts.

My last post, short though it was, dabbled in poetry and riddles, though it wasn't particularly clever nor rhythmic. It hopefully would have made you think of the land down under, a vast continent of reds and yellows, not too dissimilar from my childhood in Africa. My Mother has resided in the Antipodes for quite some time now, and it was about time I paid her a visit. All was going well until, on Christmas Day, my knee and leg seemed entirely out of sorts. I cannot begin to describe the pain, and though I am now on the mend, I had to go under the butcher's knife which rendered me somewhat incapacitated. The country has many wonderful views and creatures to ogle at, but it did rather dampen my spirits as I was confined to my bed chambers for the festive period.

Now that my spirits soar, of course it is time for my bags to be packed as I ready myself for my return journey to the Orient. I am looking forward to giving home; though it is certainly the strangest place I have ever lived, I feel comfortable and happy and of course it helps that it is mine. So as I prepare for another journey, the sands of time continue to pour, beckoning the start of a new year ever closer.

Resolutions should be at the forefront of my mind, but in all honesty, other than chasing my creative dreams, there is nothing more I wish to change. Maybe I'll just continue with those I conjured up last year...

It's amazing how much can change in a single year. I daren't begin to imagine what this next year has to offer.

D. S.
Have a guess as to where I am in the world...? I have allowed myself to let go of my many responsibilities and travel even further away from my home and the Far East in order to frolic in the waves of respite and relaxation. It has been months since I last had a prolonged period of time to myself, experiencing the world through my unadulterated eyes, and discovering a new land.

Though Christmas is only a few days away, I am once again on the Southern Hemisphere and couldn't feel further away from the scorching fires, roasted marshmallows and goblets of mulled wine that I gave become so accustomed to. Instead I lie under the baking sun, dashing in and out of the tumbling waves, cooing in awe and wonder at the flora and fauna this vast country has to offer.

Have you worked out where I am yet?

It reminds me of my homeland: a yellow grass, 
Baked by an unrelenting sun, warms the morning 
To an almost unbearable heat, so that the midday has
An eerie silence of bodies hiding in the shade, waiting
For a distraction, to think of anything other than the heat.
Though similar, it has a more cultured heritage, a pride,
An arrogance, judging all those who dare appear uninvited.
Compared to my homeland, where I am now makes me thankful,
For all that I have and the future I am offered. No fear, I can speak.

Travel if you can darlings - at worst you'll have fond memories. At best you'll have your mind opened.

D. S.