Tuesday, July 29, 2014

It is done. The Duke of Albany has done the unthinkable... He has made a promise to me that cannot be broken. Our lives have been intertwined for the best part of a year, and I long to spend the rest of my life with him, but seeing our home together in the Northern counties has truly opened my eyes to the commitment we have made to each other. 

There have been many men who have proclaimed their love for me from the various rooftops, but none have proved it in the way that the Duke has. This home for the two of us overlooks the stunning parks and river that I used to call my home. The memories I have are fondly remembered, but it is the future I look forward to with such zest. I love the Duke, I am truly infatuated, and I know that he feels the same way about me.

I can't believe how long it has taken me to admit my love. I know I have mentioned it in passing, but unlike previous relationships, I have yet to crow about my emotions like I normally do. I think it's because I was nervous; we fight an awful lot about silly, petty things, (and some rather larger concerns) but I can no longer imagine my life without him.

This summer has shown me what we mean to each other, and how much we rely on each other when the rest of our lives become a little too daunting. Even a long distance relationship, which we have survived, would not be enough for me any more. I have to see him, to hear him, to feel him. I have to smell his scent as we make love under the stars. 

I have never felt so on top of the world as I feel now. 

D. S.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Though it is an early morning for me and the sun is already blazing through the trees, my eyes are blurred and I can't stop myself from yawning. This summer is taking its toll on my sleeping habits, and I long for the time when I can catch up on six weeks worth of abandoned sleep. 

Don't think I am complaining, for I adore the work I do. It is most fulfilling though I never much thought of giving myself over as a compassionate and dedicated human being. But it shows that even in so little time as one year, things (and people) can change. 

At the end of the week, the Duke of Albany and I have requested to take some time off together and disappear to our future home in the Northern counties. It will be the first time I have seen the home he has chosen for us to start our future together, and though I know I will not be living in it while I work for my Royal charge, the prospect is enough to make me grin.

He truly makes me so very happy, and I cannot get enough of him.

Brighthelmstone is having its usual scandals, however this time I am not in the middle of them. The Irish princesses are loving life and enjoying it to the full (who can blame them?) and it makes me laugh to hear the rumours ~ though which are true or not does not matter. Scandal is only as good as the next scandal.

I have also tried to encourage Bell to come and join in the summer festivities even though her place has been rescinded. Of course she feels a little bit spurned, but she throws around the word 'disappointed' as opposed to 'outraged'. I'm hoping the Duke and I together can convince her to spend some time with us frolicking in the English Channel. Nevertheless, it will be delightful to see her again, and even more incredible to begin to imagine the life the Duke of Albany and I will have together.

Though I am tired, this is the thought that keeps me going. 

D. S.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

At long last I have the time to sit in the glorious sunshine and while away the hours doing what I love most ~ writing.

Never before have I been so busy, this time in Brighthelmstone is nothing like the last, and I barely have any time to spend in the Duke of Albany's arms. Only last night did we manage to enjoy each other's company and feel like a real couple once again, but it was short lived.

I have ferried children across the Shires and am trying my best to indulge their every whim, but with hundreds of requests it is impossible to please everyone. I am hoping to ignite some interest in the history of my beautiful country, and maybe even the urge to travel, but children are fickle and their minds flutter at a rate I seem to have lost. 

It is wonderful however, to meet like minded individuals who work alongside the Duke and I. The Irish Lady of Corcaigh graced us with her presence for a fortnight before disappearing with a promise to return eventually (though one can never tell with those of us who love to travel). There are Irish princesses who shriek and enjoy life with a fervour that I used to have (I never intended or expected to grow up so soon!) and it is most encouraging to laze about with those who share similar loves and joys.

Visiting Belle in the Northern counties last week was very tiring, however it is always a delightful experience to see my gorgeous friend. Brighthelmstone isn't the same without her, and I do hope she can find the time to join us for a few days at the very least. I'm enjoying the summer immensely, despite being exhausted, and I hope the next few weeks go just as smoothly. 

D. S. 

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

A day of travelling leads me to my old home in the Northern counties, no less than reunited with my curly-haired soul mate - Belle. She is to guide me through my instructions for my new role which begins in September and we have two days to make the most of the time we have together, because the unthinkable has happened... The situation down in Brighthelmstone where the Duke of Albany and I are spending our summer days has reached it's full capacity and can no longer host Belle and her retinue. 

I only found out two days ago and have yet to recover from the disappointment, though it does make the next two days all the more sweet and precious. I attempted to pull strings, begging and pleading are not beneath me when it comes to the welfare of my friends, but it seems my time away in Bohemia has meant my reputation and sway has dwindled. 

It's not only I who have suffered in this change of circumstances; the Duke himself was saddened by the series of events and I know the Irish Lady of Corcaigh and the governess were none best pleased. I do hope we manage to spend some time together this summer before my life gets taken over by my new role. 

To think that six months have past since my interview in January, and I am only two months away from starting?! I can barely fathom the notion. But to have the Duke by my side keeps me as happy as I could be, and I am only excited by the prospect of our future together, not daunted. 

D. S. 

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

How to explain where I am without giving too much away... There are certain rules and regulations that I now have to follow in order to prepare myself for my role of Lady in Waiting to royalty as of September, and I am trying to gain as much experience as possible before the summer months dwindle away in the blink of an eye.

Again I am working with children, it is what I love most in this world because it gives me a satisfaction that is impossible to find elsewhere. Even writing doesn't bring me the joy and happiness as a laughing child. As I learn from the governess (for she has much more knowledge than I ever shall) I notice that I too have changed and am more reliable than in previous years. It's not often one can actually see self-improvement, but here, in this place, I can. And I am relishing the fact.

I have the Duke of Albany with me and though we are together in the same place, we are unable to while away the hours in each other's arms as we'd like. There is too much to do. The preparation for the next years of our lives have consumed us, and only in the dark of night are we able to steal a few kisses before passing out from exhaustion.

But I wouldn't change anything for the world.

Brighthelmstone was visited today and I stared out at the sea and all the world has to offer. I still felt that same longing for travelling new places that I always feel. I doubt that tug of my heart strings will ever cease, but it was far easier to quell the longing as I turned to face my lover and heard the gasps of the children as they saw the ocean for the first time.

The amazement of children will always be one of my favourite memories.

But now the summer days are long and though we are busy the Duke and I have had little time to argue. I thought our frazzled brains and befuddled minds may make us a little anxious and tense, but instead we are finding refuge in each other.

I've never felt so content.

D. S.