Tuesday, July 08, 2014

A day of travelling leads me to my old home in the Northern counties, no less than reunited with my curly-haired soul mate - Belle. She is to guide me through my instructions for my new role which begins in September and we have two days to make the most of the time we have together, because the unthinkable has happened... The situation down in Brighthelmstone where the Duke of Albany and I are spending our summer days has reached it's full capacity and can no longer host Belle and her retinue. 

I only found out two days ago and have yet to recover from the disappointment, though it does make the next two days all the more sweet and precious. I attempted to pull strings, begging and pleading are not beneath me when it comes to the welfare of my friends, but it seems my time away in Bohemia has meant my reputation and sway has dwindled. 

It's not only I who have suffered in this change of circumstances; the Duke himself was saddened by the series of events and I know the Irish Lady of Corcaigh and the governess were none best pleased. I do hope we manage to spend some time together this summer before my life gets taken over by my new role. 

To think that six months have past since my interview in January, and I am only two months away from starting?! I can barely fathom the notion. But to have the Duke by my side keeps me as happy as I could be, and I am only excited by the prospect of our future together, not daunted. 

D. S. 

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