Thursday, July 17, 2014

At long last I have the time to sit in the glorious sunshine and while away the hours doing what I love most ~ writing.

Never before have I been so busy, this time in Brighthelmstone is nothing like the last, and I barely have any time to spend in the Duke of Albany's arms. Only last night did we manage to enjoy each other's company and feel like a real couple once again, but it was short lived.

I have ferried children across the Shires and am trying my best to indulge their every whim, but with hundreds of requests it is impossible to please everyone. I am hoping to ignite some interest in the history of my beautiful country, and maybe even the urge to travel, but children are fickle and their minds flutter at a rate I seem to have lost. 

It is wonderful however, to meet like minded individuals who work alongside the Duke and I. The Irish Lady of Corcaigh graced us with her presence for a fortnight before disappearing with a promise to return eventually (though one can never tell with those of us who love to travel). There are Irish princesses who shriek and enjoy life with a fervour that I used to have (I never intended or expected to grow up so soon!) and it is most encouraging to laze about with those who share similar loves and joys.

Visiting Belle in the Northern counties last week was very tiring, however it is always a delightful experience to see my gorgeous friend. Brighthelmstone isn't the same without her, and I do hope she can find the time to join us for a few days at the very least. I'm enjoying the summer immensely, despite being exhausted, and I hope the next few weeks go just as smoothly. 

D. S. 

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