Friday, January 21, 2011

I apologise for the length of time it has taken me to inform you of my Northern adventures! The days have slipped by me, and I have already heard plans for February and had to organise my own. I don't understand where the time goes!

However, there is much to discuss from the past fortnight and unfortunately not all of it is pleasing! No doubt you will have noticed the slander that has cropped up after my mention of Fanny Hill. I agree that I might have taken it a little bit too far; I was angry and upset at the time and clearly wasn't thinking straight. I'm not going to deny my intrigue, but with my reputation in tatters I think it is best I leave the romantic literature for those of lesser upbringing. (It is true, Mother has no idea about my behaviour in the North, and I would be dreadfully embarrassed if she were to find out).

There have also been some intriguing advancements with both the Duke and musician. That makes it sound like a military tactic, though I suppose I'm trying to choose wisely; using my head instead of my heart, which frequently makes mistakes, or giving in to my lust which just ends up sullying my reputation.

Nevertheless, I seem to have already made a few mistakes with the musician. Apparently he does not appreciate my candid manner at turning up uninvited to events, and maybe I could do with a more subtle approach, but we should all know by now that that is all a part of my charm! I tried to pop into the library to surprise him with a little gift yesterday, a token of my admiration but he was no where to be found! Was rather surprised as he is normally predictable -  no doubt he is avoiding me - or, it is more likely that he didn't think anything of it for he doesn't care!

The Duke on the other hand has been rather removed from my life, though this lack of contact after the Christmas festivities has actually made me more interested in what he wants from me. Unless of course that is his ploy after all! I sent him a letter, not more than a few days ago, saying I was looking forward to seeing him for his birthday - already planning for the Spring - but I have yet to receive correspondence, though hopefully it will be soon.

I have yet to return to rowing, there seems to be a tension in the air with how much work every has to do, preparations for life it seems, something that I don't apparently need (not that I would heed the notion). 

There are many things to do this weekend; friends to see, cake to sample - the simple pleasures in life! Hopefully going to bump into the musician, although I am not going to make any more of an effort than usual, if it happens, it happens. And maybe the Duke will reply to my letter and distract me! If only.


D. S.