Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Summer Ball awaits.

A farewell evening has been organised with the intention of dancing and debauchery as a celebration of the Summer Solstice. How apt that it is just as I leave for the South, for the Convent, I have the pleasure of bidding my heartfelt goodbyes to those who have become close to me over the last few months.

My Northern blonde beauty has changed her role and is enjoying much more freedom, and I look forward greatly to the preparation we shall put into tomorrow night's misadventures. Indeed I have heard a rumour that a certain tall, dark haired gentleman from the South will make an appearance. Who he is I have yet to find out, but he left quite the impression the other week.

Life is not quite what I expected, and I never thought I'd originally expected anything from life. I long to travel, to go on a Grande Tour of my own and see worlds never seen before. The Antipodes only whet my appetite for going further afield, and see everything in between, though how I can abandon the Shire indefinitely I do not know.

Without the blonde Esquire in my life now, I have no ties to stay in one place. The Shire shall always be my home, I have that luxury, but indeed I cannot deny that there is more to this world. I do not know how to broach the subject with my family. How can I ask them to fund my travels around the world with no purpose? How can I expect them to understand my passion for all things unknown? Never would they dare let their unruly daughter travel on her own! Who would I choose to escort me?

So many things I have to think about with regards to my future.

For now I shall choose the softest fabrics of cream, decorated with summer flowers for the Ball tomorrow. I do hope this tall, dark haired gentleman appears; or at least I get to find out who he is. Because if I do spend the summer on the coast and happen to have another chance encounter with this gentleman, I cannot deny the curious and unstoppable flirtation that may arise.

D. S.

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  1. Dearest Duchess,

    I do hope you enjoy your Summer Ball for it does sound enchanting. So the tall, dark haired gentleman is being rumoured to make an appearance? Oh dear! And he too is a fellow Southerner? Very nice. I do hope he makes an appearance.

    As for going abroad,if your family could believe it would be for educational purposes then I would go with that, but my dearest *sigh* we all know you as you know yourself, you do enjoy your fun. Maybe you can mix the two and enjoy a native party that could be educational as long as things don't get out of hand.

    I do hope you can enjoy your time at the convent and that the priest isn't so cold towards you again and that the nun and her son are alright.

    Until later my Darling Duchess,