Monday, October 04, 2010

Of course it wouldn't take long for a scandal to emerge once the notion of work disappeared into the distance and socialising has taken the opportunity to return to vogue.

This weekend was a conglomeration of introductions and re-acquaintances at a Masquerade Ball. Almost ironic as I now remember people in relation to their mask rather than their title or rank, though there were a few people that managed to stand out. 

We were graced with the presence of the Earl and Countess of Steel City, whose disguise kept their anonymity for the beginning of the evening, but there is no doubting the impressive chain of gossip within our party and it was not long until we realised who they were. Being a Duchess from a foreign county I did not feel that it was my place to welcome them once we realised who they were but unfortunately what with our social conventions it became my responsibility to entertain and house them, as well as reveal who they were with the utmost respect. 

However, I was saved this ordeal as towards the end of the meal the two of them appeared at the end of the High Table with gifts and regaled stories of the expansion of Steel City. I was ever so flattered and there was a wee tinkle in the Earl's eye that made me think I could somehow end up in trouble again.

It's just as well that I have quite good perception because it didn't take long for the Earl to ask for a dance and as we swept along the floor he passed me a note, which read:

'Please meet me later. I have a proposition for you.
Your Earl of Steel City'

Of course I met up with him. I never thought that it would mean that I succumbed to his wily ways. I didn't give in to more than a kiss but now I feel that I could no longer be welcome in the Steel City. 

D. S.