Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ahh, the Northern counties. A drop in the temperature, new faces, new fashions, a harsher dialect. A variable concoction that I'd never dreamed would become an integral part of my life.

A good ten days have past since I returned to the North and it feels as if the summer was nought but a dream. A lifetime ago, or even a tale that occurred to someone other than myself! I have to admit that I am ever so enchanted to be back, contrary to what I orginially thought. It is surprising how easily everything falls back into place what with the return of my ladies, albeit lacking some of my darlings to furhter afield. I do wonder what the New World holds for them?

The ephasis in the North has somehow transfixed itself on the idea of 'work' both political and educational. I suppose it is for the best that we learn about the world but I'd much rather experience it (though my lifestyle is still managing to cause a stir).

There are far too many unrecognizable faces that I have to acquaint myself with. I do not know where all these people come from, there must be something about the North that entices people from all over the world. Dare I make the assumption that it is myself?

I was surprised to hear from the Scottish Earl already, it seems he may come this way on his way back up to Scotland and pay me a visit. It would be an honour to receive him, and also useful as it seems that he does have my ring and I would like nothing more than to have it back! We'll just have to see about what happens there, though I do not expect much. Not after the turbulence of the Head Architect. (Who, incidentally has a commission down in Brighton after the success of our South Wing, which of course I begrudge him).

There is not too much more to report. We are all just getting back into our old routines and I am enjoying spending time with my lovely ladies and hearing all about their Grand Tour of the Continent.

D. S.

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