Friday, September 17, 2010

How I am sick to death of all this packing! I cannot find anything to wear for my final night in the Shire and it seems I have misplaced my birthday ring from my ladies! I dread to think where I have left it... Though there is one place that springs to mind but I am terribly embarrassed to contact him after all we have been through.

No, this isn't that Architect I am referring to, but rather a Scottish Earl - the brother of one of my ladies - who I'm sure would be aghast to find out the licentious activities he and I partook the other night, just before the excursion to the capital.

The South Wing is to be unveiled tonight and our final goodbyes uttered. At least until Christmas. Here is a drawing of a piece of our gorgeous new furniture, the Hepplewhite that I mentioned previously.

Isn't it just like me to leave as another scandal is about to rupture through the end of a perfect summer. I accept that there have been a few blemishes along the way. I can only blame myself in respect to the Head Architect, I fell too hard and expected too much when I should have just considered him to be another lover, nothing more.

At least I know where I stand with my Scottish Earl... And neither of us are around for too long, we might not even have the pleasure of each others company during the winter months. I do hope he will be around, it is always refreshing to have someone keep you warm during the long nights, and I know I'd appreciate the length of those nights with him!

I have various items to return that I somehow acquired during the last few months. At least I can find other people's belongings, Heaven knows where all of mine have been stashed!

I will write shortly once I have completed the journey back up North. No doubt this year will be completely different, but no less delightful than the last and I am looking forward to going back but I haven't been pining for those amusements as much as I usually am towards the end of my stay. I wonder what my attitude will reflect of my thoughts, and my scandals...

D. S.