Thursday, September 09, 2010

Where to begin? Autumn has started to encroach and that means the packing has just commenced, whispers of the North abound and once again we have to say our farewells.

I'm glad that I am able to keep busy, distracted, I do not want to think about saying goodbye or starting over again.

We will be having our final celebrations in the next week, coinciding with the grand opening of the South Wing. What should be a delightful occasion but is marred by the Architect.

The Baroness and Marquessa are going well out of their way to keep up my spirits as we are going to venture out to the Capital tomorrow. We will return in time for the final ball but not beforehand. I don't think I could cope helping to organise such an event, one that praises him.

No doubt you can tell by my tone that emotions between the Architect and myself have soured. It had nothing to do with our little escapade of staying out all night, but rather as the South Wing was drawing to a close, so it seemed was our relationship. I know that I didn't expect an engagement, but the end seems to have come too soon and I am unhappy with how easily he seems to have recovered from it.

This is why I try not get attached. I've had enough suffering with the Duke, Officer and Architect this year and I want to start afresh.

These last stressful few days have included the news from my Lady Lina that one of our close acquaintances is not returning from the New World. It saddens me to think that there will be fewer of us refined young women in the North and I am disappointed that we do not have another year to share together. But apparently the delights of the New World are too great an opportunity to pass by, so of course I wish her well. It's just a selfish thought knowing that I will miss her!

I will let you know how the visit to the Capital goes, hopefully nothing too dramatic, unless of course we watch something unfold on a stage!

D. S.

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