Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day four of my Summer on the Continent and once again I have out done myself!

[Fragonard Prints - The Stolen Kiss]No surprises for the indiscretion that occurred; a stolen kiss from a childhood friend might spark more than I should have hoped for in the romance department! I do hope that things do not become awkward between us for I love spending time with both him and his younger sister, and I do believe my Grandparents would be less than impressed if their friendships soured... 

Once again I failed to think about the consequences.

So far this holiday seems to have been all about firsts. I have tried many dishes that I have never been accustomed to before, I have read books that never before had interested me and I have met my Aunt, or rather half-Aunt for whose eyes and mine have never before met.

She is the spitting image of my late Grandmother, and it is rather uncanny to see how she acts, considering she never met her Mother. Her adoption has given her a wide range of skills as she is fluent in various languages of the Continent and sees no problem in being a lady of labour, something that I am rather unfamiliar with. 

The seven of us - two Aunts, and the four family friends as well as myself - trekked through the untouched terrain in the sunshine for a picnic near a river. We had a delicious time only marred by some very stubborn ants but my childhood friend managed to save both the food and me. Oh dear, have I fallen for being the damsel in distress?

Dearest me, I do love my Step-Grandmother but she can talk non-stop and it is slightly irritating but I do know I am being unfair. I have a slight headache from the excursions yesterday that went on 'til early this morning, and resulted in that stolen kiss.

My Father is joining us all tomorrow and I cannot wait to see him. There are many plans for the rest of my stay and they all revolve around the family friends... Let's hope I manage to control myself and there aren't any more slip-ups. 

D. S.

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  1. I returned late last night from a weekend trip in the country for visiting family that I see once a year. We wanted to do some outdoor activities but the weather wouldn't allow for it, so instead we had a scavenger hunt, did some visiting and indulged in food and drink. I came home with a bottle of locally made red wine and white port.One of my great-aunts has problems with a leg & has to use a wallingstick at the moment, I thought there were times when she would have liked to have used on her son. He the jokester of the family.

    We all seemed to have enjoyed ourselves. Glad you are enjoying your family as well.