Thursday, March 03, 2011

I am somewhat sleepy so am not sure how much of this post will make sense. But I should be coherent enough to write about the last few days. 

Spend the rest of the weekend with the Captain, Number 5 and the coxswain who was brilliantly disguised. It seems that no one suspects her sex, which is surprising because she received more than enough attention at the Ladies Dinner! But yes, it was a lovely weekend; the weather was still far too cold for my liking but the sunshine was glorious.

I had every intention of whiling away the wee hours with the Captain but it seems I am at the beck and call of the Gameskeeper now! This is no illicit affair in the making, rather an opportunity for the two of us to discuss those who interest us; typically his Missus and my... I mean the musician.

I had the pleasure of  meeting the Gameskeeper's better half and there is no better name to suit her than Belle. For one she is gorgeous and two she is from France. She had news from the Continent, which of course made me think about the Duke, but it seems that Marie Antoinette and her brood are in political trouble. I do hope this rebellion doesn't cross the water and infect the minds of our countrymen.

Belle was so invigorating to talk to, she is a talented and accomplished musician as well as fluent in more languages than I can imagine. The Gameskeeper adores her and I look forward to having the two of them in my life. Of course Belle also gives me another excuse to consort with the musician.

However, Belle was not the only person I met this weekend. Unfortunately not an eligible suitor to catch my attention but rather the Brewer of the tavern where I, the musician and Gameskeeper frequent. He does not know that I am a Duchess, for obviously I am disguised when I fraternise with the public folk, but he is the most affable fellow and I completely understand why the Gameskeeper and musician spend much of their time there.

What I did find rather exhilarating was waking up next to the musician on Monday morning... Scandalous I know, but I managed to sneak home before the Court Jester realised I was missing. I have not been able to contain the smile on my face, but I do find it disconcerting when the musician is nice to me! It sounds silly and it is difficult to explain but I am almost more comfortable when we are at odds. Or at least I would prefer him to be kind all the time instead of fluctuating between the two extremes! I never know where I stand with him.

There is talk of my Southern Ladies travelling up North to visit, which is something I am most looking forward to, but I am not sure how they will respond to the musician!

Of course I have kept them up to date with my non-love interest but I have yet to divulge his status. I'm sure they assume he is a Lord or at the very least a gentleman, but that my head and heart can get so confused by a musician... I don't understand it myself!

D. S.