Thursday, March 31, 2011

I don't think anyone quite knows how to throw a  birthday like the Gameskeeper!

Tuesday night, what can I say? We were all dressed in the most surreal of outfits; less of a disguise, more of a fancy dress. Though I was a bit concerned by everyone's agreement that the peasant clothes suited me...

Belle and I spent the morning baking. Or rather attempting to! We were under the strict instruction of her dear Cook and we definitely needed her help, for I believe our aspirations were a little higher than we first realised!

Nevertheless, after only a minor accident with blue food dye, we created the perfect surprise birthday cake...

The Brewer, musician and Gameskeeper were all in high spirits as we gallivanted through the town. I was very impressed with Belle's ability to keep her head and sustain a calm exterior while looking after her other half. He was drinking gin like there was no tomorrow and she was the epitome of class. Even the musician was a little worse for wear though the Brewer was his usual hilarious self.

The entire day was a delight and the evening's merriment was the cherry on the aforementioned cake. It certainly softened the rumours that have abound from the Manor party and my illicit behaviour at said party. The scratches have faded but the gossip has only increased in fervour, so much so that I cannot walk through the library without hearing my name mentioned!

I'm not going to say I regret it. I don't. But I do feel that this judgement is getting out of hand and in that respect I have no one to blame but myself.

Oh, it also seems that I bumped into the mysterious Luthien at the Manor party, but being in the state that I was I can hardly recall talking to anyone, bar the Lord and Lady of the night. I am intrigued, of course, but I do not want to seem too eager. There is much I must think of, but for now, I have to get out of this library.

D. S.