Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Shrove Tuesday and a Royal holiday all in one day! Definitely looking forward to the celebrations this evening, no doubt there will be much merriment and drinking in honour of the Queen's birthday. I almost wish I was at court to join in with the Royal games but I sent many gifts to show my respect and love for the Queen and hopefully will attend the Summer games later in the year.

Surprisingly I did not spend the entire weekend with the musician, Gameskeeper, Brewer or indeed Belle! Instead I went to a party and was more than shocked to bump into none other than the Head Architect! I could not believe it and gave the host a berating for not failing to give me notice as to who the guests would be. At first I did not know how to act; ignore him for our last meeting was brief and cold or humiliate him in front of his friends? Of course I did not want to give the impression that his desertion troubled me to any extent but I was shaken by his reappearance. 

The second surprise of the evening was the note I received from the Head Architect requesting a private meeting. I declined. He sought me out. We talked. He has returned to Brighton. I'm not sure if there is any more to say on the matter, but do not be astonished if his apparitions become a slightly more frequent occurrence. 

I have not seen the Captain since the previous weekend but did have a lovely evening with the coxswain, Number 5 and the Court Jester last night. We talked for hours drinking wine. It is so very satisfactory having such close friends. The coxswain is far more entertaining that she gets credit for! We dressed up for the men in silly outfits, both of us inspiring each other for our different disguises. It is startling how similar our situations are. 

I disguise myself for the musician in order to spend time with him outside of our usual contact hours as does she.

She whiles away the hours with only men, far exceeding propriety, as do I.

We both enjoy a tipple in a tavern, to sit and watch rowing (though obviously she has a more hands on approach) and we cannot divulge our antics to anyone else for fear of reprobation.

Our greatest difference is that Number 5 adores her. His eyes light up when she enters a room and he openly admits his admiration. Both the coxswain and Belle do not, I think, realise to what extent their lovers idolise them. I on the other hand have to make do with either a scathing look or an arm around me. I have become an expectation in the musician's life and I feel I ought to remove myself from the situation so that I can obtain some objectivity, but I can't quite bring myself to do it.

D. S.