Jeeves ~ my most notable companion and the most trustworthy man I know. He looks after my welfare and does not judge me too harshly when I make decisions that would make my mother blush.

Armiger ~ Armiger, my Squire from France, is very useful in correcting my French, but whose sensibilities result in a refusal to indulge my whims, which can get a little tedious. However, he is a dear friend and knows the most delectable parties to go to and whose discretion is most highly valued.

The Brewer ~ A most affable fellow.  I have yet to meet a more cheeky friend of the musician's but he more than makes up for his nature by providing us all with the finest ale. I have been told that he completes the trio and I look forward to the time when I can reveal my true identity without causing too much of a ruckus. 

The Gameskeeper ~ A friend of the musician's and the most entertaining man I have met in a long time! He lives to make people laugh and he is ever so affectionate and caring. I adore his Missus, not anywhere as much as he does; the way his eyes light up when he talks about her is most delicious!

Number 5 ~ A simple and kind gentleman with an aptitude for rowing, who unfortunately does not have a lineage impressive enough for the Coxswain's Mother! A delight nonetheless and I believe a firm friend.

The Court Jester ~ There is no one in the world like the Court Jester. It is as if we were made as one. I adore him greatly and love spending time with him. There is no sexual undercurrent, no flirting, nothing that can jeopardise our friendship. I can be myself with him unlike anyone else and he does not judge me and my extra-curricular endeavours! We came to the conclusion last night that the perfect word to decide him would be 'obstreperous', do with this information, what you will.

The Earl of Steel City ~ A visitor with his wife from even further North. He was ever so pandering and needy and pathetic (for want of a better word). 

The Squire ~  An informer, for want of a better word. He is an acquaintance; more useful than friendly but I would not want to begrudge him his dues.

Lord Jones ~ He is a close friend of Lady Lina's and an agreeable man. His arrogance is rather entertaining and I enjoy hearing his views on life.

Harlequin ~ The dearest and most blunt of my friends. He sometimes rivals the Court Jester for the role of confidante but he always has a special place in my heart. (Plus he corresponds with the Foreign Minister and him).

The priest ~ The most judgemental and condescending member of the clergy I have ever met. I was severely reprimanded while at the Convent about my liaisons  with the Scottish Earl and have yet to be forgiven. Made all the worse by his face and stature. He was certainly blessed with good looks.

D. S.