Friday, July 19, 2013

The convent has once again become a little bubble that is impossible to burst... Of course all things do come to an end, the end is one of life's only inevitabilities, but until then I shall continue to fritteraway my time here in the glorious sunshine.

Belle and I have had wonderful excursions to Brighthelmstone, dipping our delicate toes into the English Channel. I too have had the pleasure of my dark haired Prussian knight while cavorting on the coast. We dined and danced and pleasured like it was the last evening on earth. I cannot fathom not knowing him for we are so alike. However, my path may once again take me travelling to yonder countries, and I cannot afford to let my guard down and have our hearts as one if I am to rip it away.

Distance and love are not friends.

I adore the company I keep here in the Convent. I greatly miss the Irish lady of Corcaigh and the with no scolding priest I am almost more well behaved! It's an intriguing thing to know what pushes my imagination. And nothing makes me want to misbehave more than being told 'no'.

I shall have the wonderful pleasure of the Prussian knight once my time at the convent has come to an end. We are to travel together to Iberia and frolic in the Mediterranean Sea.

D. S.

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