Thursday, July 04, 2013

Darlings, the Convent has taken over my life, and I had forgotten what it was like to take a step back and ignore the more trivial aspects such as gossip and frequent socialising!

I have had many days to sit and contemplate staring out at the gorgeous countryside here in Brighthelmstone, and I adore having the quality time to spend with Belle. It has been rather a shock to the system, for I have had to curb my elaborate ways and diminish my exuberant need to be the centre of attention (or rather I have at least attempted to).

What has kept me on my toes are the somewhat surprisingly commonplace letters of correspondence from the dark haired Prussian knight! Alack, the blonde Esquire has disappeared as if he never even existed ~ all but for a few fond memories that I have no desire to expunge. But his place has swiftly been replaced by the Prussian knight.

I was pleasantly surprised that there was already a letter waiting for me after my arrival at the Convent, and it could have only been days since I left the dark haired knight's arms. His intentions could not be more subtle; we talk of every subject under the sun, our passion for travel unites us in a way that breaks boundaries. I certainly already feel as if I have known him for centuries. His letters are a comfort and a familiarity that I have become all too accustomed with.

The convent has some wonderful characters this year; Belle is not the only familiar face however! The Irish Lady of Corcaigh's younger brother has joined the cloisters, and though I have never before set my eyes upon him, because we share the friendship of his sister, we have become firm friends. So too has Belle's governess joined us on these most beautiful grounds. It was delightful to reminisce about our time across the Irish Sea and the three of us laughed with candour at the memories.

There are a few new faces who have not yet made enough of an impression to write about. Well, at least I shall give them the benefit of the doubt to redeem themselves after a few drinks of ale the other night... I do believe it shall be an interesting few months!

I shall enjoy the summer months here at the Convent. But I shall too enjoy the lack of male company. It is about time I focussed on my closer friends, the bond of sisterhood that cannot be betrayed.

D. S.

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