Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Oh the Summer Ball.

It was everything I had expected and so much more. Whomever spent the time and effort gallivanting around to create an unforgettable event should be ever so proud of their endeavours; fun was had by all, even those who lack fun in their nature.

I grin as I think of the night and what has transpired since the celebration. But first I shall talk about what decisions have been made before I let slip the secrets that the Ball unravelled.

As per every Summer that is worth remembering, I shall once again atone for my sins at the Convent. However, I have decided not to return to the Convent in the Shire for there are too many unpleasant memories of the unforgiving priest and instead journey to the coast for some sea air in Brighthelmstone. Belle shall accompany me as her relationship with the Gameskeeper seems to have dwindled ~ I shan't pry, for not everyone can be as blunt as I.

I have casually dropped into the conversation with my oh-so-wearied parents the notion that I may once again want to go on a Grande Tour of my own, after the Convent. To appease my somewhat intrepid spirit my parents have suggested that I spend some time on the golden beaches of Iberia, and I cannot fault their commitment to my happiness, only their imagination. However, I shall not be a belligerent and ungrateful child, so will heed their advice, all the while trying to convince them that travelling is a state of mind and a way of life that I cannot escape.

Fortunately I have met one who feels most passionately about travelling as I do. Our eyes met for the second time at the Summer Ball, though I was thinking less sordid thoughts as to undressing myself in public, I did have to blush at the memory.

The tall, dark haired stranger made more than an appearance at the ball. In fact he made quite the impression, and not just with me. I managed to find out a little more about him; he is a Prussian knight, a 'rycerz', here on his travels ~ no purpose as of yet, but he said his last quest were the beaches of a far away paradise, so who knows where next may tickle his fancy.

We shared no fewer than two dances and talked of the countries we had visited. I, of course, was intrigued, but I'd have hoped that the gossip mongers would have abated their cruel taunts until we'd parted ways, but the dark haired Prussian knight was ever the gentleman, and he defended my scarcely intact honour. 

It is too soon to say that fate had a hand in our second meeting, but we shall see if there shall be a third. I shall make no plans to invest in more than a mere acquaintance for now, but I can definitely state that my curiosity has been piqued.

D. S.

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  1. My Dearest Duchess,

    I am so glad to hear that you will not be returning to the convent to endure anymore of that pompous sanctimonious priest. Really, if you wanted that kind of treatment you could stay home and let those gossip mongers have their fun at your expense for they are no better than the priest.

    I am glad that some of the mystery of our tall, dark-haired stranger has been revealed, a Prussian knight that travels and with him he brings chivalry by his defense of you. That has earned him respect in my eye.

    Iberia sounds like a lovely plan. Take it and be grateful that your parents are letting you have baby steps before your Grand Tour. Yes, I know nothing yet but one of these days you will have your Grand Tour. Hope and faith are the answer to most everything in life, I find.

    Hope you and Belle (poor darling)have fun at Brighthelmstone.

    Faithfully yours,