Saturday, February 26, 2011

Good morning! A happy Saturday and a happier one than last week... Though not because of the musician. I will divulge more about that situation later.

Firstly, the Ladies Dinner which I attended on Thursday was the perfect opportunity to catch up with the esteemed and gracious fellow patronesses of rowing. Other than the coxswain and Rower Number 5 I have not spent that much time with any of the other men and women associated with rowing and I have to admit I felt rather guilty and am glad that I made an appearance.

I'm sure the coxswain appreciated the chance to dress up in the latest fashion and capture her Rower's eye on the dance floor... They weren't around for too long so I assume they both had a lovely night! I was disappointed that the Court Jester couldn't join us but he has been so hard at work he deserved a long night's sleep and Harlequin more than made up for his absence.

Of course there is a sufficient amount of scandal and gossip from that night, and I know it has been a while but I too got caught up in some lewd acts! Everyone was in a frivolous mood and there was much drinking and dancing and I spent... a lot of the evening with the Captain. He was thoroughly entertaining and didn't attempt to hide his intentions. After the musician it seems that I crave attention even more than I did before!

It is a slight cliché to write 'one thing led to another' but it is a rather apt phrase and I haven't enjoyed myself so much in a long time that I believe the Captain deserves a special mention! There is a race today that I should be watching but I need to go to the library and continue doing some work (shocking, I know!) so I will hear all about it tonight.

The coxswain was far too pleased with the development between the Captain and myself, which has made me question my non-relationship with the musician. I have been thoroughly contained the last few months and haven't indulged my carnal appetite to my... usual extent. I care about the musician deeply but I think I need to protect myself from him. A diversion in the form of the Captain is something that works well.

I know the musician apologised for our silly altercation and I am glad that everything has gone back to normal between us. I'm just questioning why I am happy to settle with 'normal'. This is coming across a lot more pensive than I intended and now that I have put my thoughts in to words I realise that I have been thinking this for a while. 

However much this all may be true, you can't help who you like. You can't stop the butterflies when that one person walks into a room or the silly smile when you think you're getting what you want.

I'm a slow learner, but I'm learning none the less.

D. S.