Monday, February 07, 2011

Another week has passed and I have maintained my decision to forgo the Grande Tour with the Duke. My relief is something I cannot deny and it has helped me realise that I have made the right choice; NOT to run away and expect a fairytale ending with the Duke. He is too fickle and needs to take care of himself, escaping convention but not bringing me down with him.

I wrote him a letter explaining 'why' and I have yet to receive a response. I don't know how he will react but we have recovered from so many assiduous situations that I don't doubt our relationship to last longer than this relapse.

The Court Jester has returned to the Northern counties and nothing could have made me happier except that the musician and his friends have returned from their travels so that I have the people I love around me once again. I look forward to seeing the musician tomorrow night but until then I have other snippets to talk about...

This weekend was an absolute delight, I whiled away the hours with the rowers, laughing and talking, watching them row with the Court Jester, nothing particularly out of the ordinary. However, it seems that there is a slight discrepancy regarding their coxswain! He has always been rather quiet in comparison to the other gentlemen, and keeps to himself. I thought it was to do with his height, as he is easily vertically challenged -the perfect size to be a coxswain - but not what one could call a dwarf. He is perfectly proportioned, if slightly effeminate.

Well, after sitting on the banks watching them row the Court Jester and I parted ways and I decided to wait for the rest of the gentlemen and I caught a glimpse of the coxswain kissing the gentleman who normally sits at Number 5! Of course I was shocked, I may be rather lax in my own morals but to have two men kissing in only relatively discreet cover was astonishing even for me. I didn't know whether to warn them of my presence and help them hide (no one can help who they fall in love with) or just pretend that I hadn't seen anything and remove myself from the situation. But it was just as well that I was transfixed by the sight for moments later the coxswain's hat fell to the ground revealing the most gorgeous length of hair and Number 5 seemed to have his hand on a breast!

I'm not sure what to think but I believe that the gentlemen's VIII have been deceiving the Club with their coxswain, for he is actually a she! I think I'm going to keep this information to myself, for now, but I do wish I could find out who the coxswain really is!? I might have to do some digging but this is the most delicious scandal and has already made my decision to stay in my darling England well worth it!

Wish me luck on my path of curiosity. I know I should just ignore what I saw or ask outright but I'm intrigued! I want to know how long it has been going on for and who she is!?


D. S.