Thursday, June 16, 2011

Well it seems that every now and again, when the opportunity presents itself, I am capable of restraint!

Father arrived on Sunday evening and it was lovely to catch up with him, six weeks between the time we last saw each other and his appearance in Iberia, on the Continent. The following days were rather lazy as we walked along the beaches and watched waves lap against the golden sands; perfection or paradise, though are they not two and one the same?

Some delightful fabrics were purchased after a shopping spree in the markets and the colours and patterns are to die for, something that I know no one else will have back in either the Shire or the North. I believe they will make exquisite gifts for Mother and that reminds me, I still need to acquire some tobacco for the Court Jester.

But, yes, that stolen kiss with my childhood friend. It was fleeting I believe and I think I was far too wrapped up in the moment to realise that it was 'just one of those things'. My Grandparents, Father and myself went for a delicious feast at their villa just last night and there was no awkwardness, nor mention, of the incident. I didn't at first know whether or not to be relieved or offended but as the evening wore on it seems that the darling was just making sure that I did not feel uncomfortable. We managed to sneak a private conversation and, lo and behold, I refrained from furthering our acquaintance and friendship with a second kiss!

A first time for everything, I believe!

Fortunately he was not hurt by my rebuff and we both laughed about the mixed messages we were sending each other. I am to go out again with him and his sister this weekend, of course I will make sure I look ravishing, but it was pleasing to have a second invitation after all this time!

As an aside, I have heard from one of my darling friends in the Shire that she is currently on the Continent too, though not as far South as Iberia, but in the Frenchlands. I do wish we could reunite under the Summer sun but it seems our time apart is only making our friendship stronger and I know that there will be much fun to be had in the Shire next month.

My cousin is coming to visit me on my return to the North, and it will be lovely to show her the changes since she was there last. But for now I think it is late enough to go to the beach without fear of turning a vulgar red colour. Poor Father has rather pink feet and has already retreated to the shade for the duration of his stay! Tomorrow he meets his half-sister and I think he is somewhat apprehensive, but I pray that all will go well.