Sunday, June 05, 2011

The ever-inevitable end has arrived and I have to admit it really hasn't sunk in.

A short post is all that I have to offer with the headache that is raging around my skull, but doused in nostalgia it shall not be. At least not yet. For then that would be admitting to the end.

The musician, Brewer and Gameskeeper left without so much as a goodbye, and I think I almost preferred that as it makes it seem less real. Though there is the lingering question as to when I'll next seem them again... Belle and I, however, have said our goodbyes but only for a short while until August, whereas the coxswain and Court Jester have me for a few more days.

It has been quite a rude awakening to discover that I now have no purpose, but to my travels I shall dedicate the next few weeks. Until then I shall party the nights away and truly appreciate the time I have for slumber. Today being one of those days seeing as the evening was spent with the Duchess of Tuthershire and other dear friends in what one could only call a rambunctious affair! Everyone will be sorely missed but I do hope to continue with this very frivolous theme and see as much of people as I can before we all depart. 

Again to rest, for my head is feeling rather fuzzy and I want to be on form for tonight, and of course there is also tomorrow's ball! My mind is in quite a tizzy with all these events but I shall prosper and enjoy every minute of it. 

D. S.