Wednesday, June 08, 2011

From where I'm sitting I can see the Atlantic Ocean and I know that the sun will soon set bringing about the end of the first day of my holiday on the Continent.

There was much fun in the tavern on Sunday evening, though I did end up having to look after Harlequin who was a little bit poorly. (And yes, that is probably the understatement of the year). But considering that it was night number three of various celebrations I think we all did rather well.

Monday evening, however, was a much more formal affair as we attended the end of year Ball.

Everyone made such an effort with their outfits; indeed I do feel that my shoes were rather too high as I may have stumbled more than once, and been referred to as a giant, but no matter, I do like standing out from the crowd!

The Ballroom was inundated with people that I have met over the last three years and it was almost nerve-racking to have so many previous lovers in the same room! But there was no animosity and only friendly catch-ups as we all realised that for many of us it was a final goodbye!

In fact there was a proposition from a gentleman friend that took a lot of effort on my part to decline... But it was probably for the best.

I have my two weeks on the Continent to prepare myself for the farewells that I will have to return to. The thought of not living with the Court Jester truly does bring a lump to my throat! And that so many of my ladies shall still be in the North while I return to the Shire is an unwanted cause for concern, but I suppose it is time to move on.

All I long for now is sleep as my journey to the Continent, although uneventful, started in the wee hours of the morning. And I hardly think I've recovered from the last four nights out on the town! 

So for now I shall love you and leave you while I have a glass of sangria on the balcony and delve into a book that I have chosen to read purely for my own pleasure (no, not Fanny Hill this time!). 

D. S.

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  1. Such intrepid courage venturing so far from these shores. Are the natives friendly?