Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another weekend, another scandal? Thankfully not quite. 

I had the pleasure of the company of a few of my Southern darlings the last few days. The most fabulous and fashionably dandies and, not quite ladies, but the most entertaining of guests! We dined and danced, and it was a delight to introduce my Southern companions to my adopted Northern family.

It seems that the Court Jester took a shine to one of my Southern Belle's, quoting poetry and lines from plays that described her Beauty. He seemed to enjoy creating his own rendition of Lord Byron's 'She Walked in Beauty Like the Night'.

I haven't heard from my Scottish Earl in a while, I would like a distraction from the Earl of Steel City because he has been pandering to my every whim, seeing that his wife has faded into the background, or rather returned to her own home (it is clear that she rides her workers hard whereas the Earl has a softer disposition). I have yet to hear this proposition as it seems every time he plucks up the courage to ask it becomes too much for him and he fails to ask me anything. It is tiring hearing these words of passion when I feel nothing but tenderness for him. How ever does the Court Jester cope when everyone laughs at his proclamations of love? No one could ever take him seriously.

D. S.