Thursday, October 14, 2010

It seems that with a lack of men in my life, (I will let you know more about the Earl of Steel City in a minute) I spend a lot of time with the Court Jester. The poor thing is doing his best to keep me entertained, but I long for passion, secrecy, and dare I say lust, which I do not get from consorting with the Jester. Though we do love to natter about our peers and he keeps me informed with the most scandalous gossip and I do love to hear his theories on everyone...

It is unfortunate, this matter with the Earl. He has disappeared back to Steel City in order to escape his wife who has responded to the rumours that are flying around the counties about the two of us and is returning to my Northern abode to confront me. I hear that she will appear in the next day or so and I'm not sure as to how I should react or how indeed I should feel. It was only out of boredom, something to amuse me and I never even heard about his proposition (though I do feel that if I'd pressed he would have mentioned the words 'annulment' which was not something I would have ever considered).

No one can prove anything. I burnt the note from the Masquerade Ball, and other than the Court Jester who is sworn to secrecy, the Earl, the coward, is safe. I cannot believe that he fled with no more than a glance goodbye. Though I should be used to this sort of neglect, some could say I even bring it on myself as I refuse to conform and find myself a husband.

Thankfully it seems that Mother has registered this and has stopped hassling me with suitors, and it could also be to do with the Scottish Earl's pledge to visit before Christmas. Now that is exactly what I need.

 D. S.